Exports reached 35% of total sales. Nystatin marketed in over 50 countries.

Exports grew by 6% over the previous year, reaching 124 million lei (31.5 million USD), representing 35% of total sales.

The Nistatine product, accounting for 52% of the export value, increased by 10% compared to 2017, being used by manufacturers in more than 50 countries as a raw material for the manufacture of tablets, oral suspensions, topical preparations (creams, ointments) eggs.

Sales up 37% in Vietnam. New representation opened in Ukraine.

The main growing market in 2018 was that of Asia, the result of the opening of its own Vietnam office, with sales up 37%.

In 2018, Antibiotice inaugurated its third representative office in international markets, this time in Ukraine, an emerging market with an annual growth rate of over 15%.

Through this territorial expansion strategy, the company expands its development area to the Russian-CIS region for the finished product portfolio. Starting with 2020, the first branded products will be launched within partnerships with local distributors and chain of local pharmacies.

This representation joins the open ones in previous years in Vietnam and the Republic of Moldova, which are successful models of implementing an organic growth strategy in a territory by transforming market opportunities into product, promotion and distribution policies.

In parallel, collaboration has been established on new markets in Africa such as Tunisia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Southeast Asia – the Philippines and Hong Kong, prerequisites for business development from 2020.

The main investments in 2018

The investments made by Antibiotice in 2018 had a central section of the new topical product section, which is to be the most modern in South East Europe and which involved investments of 22,607,501 lei (equipment, clean rooms and installations utilities). Putting it into operation in 2020 will drive exports of topical products to key markets in Europe, the US and Canada.

At the same time, substantial investments were made in the effort to align with the European and American legislation on combating counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry. The total amount of resources allocated over the last 2 years for serialization and software equipment amounted to 20 million lei (4.4 million euros).

Approving the distribution of net profit for the year 2018, fixing the gross dividend per share and setting the payment deadline
Following the submission to the AGM meeting, the shareholders of the company decided to allocate the net profit for the year 2018 and the gross dividend per share for the financial year 2018, of 0.009991506 lei. Payment of dividends for the year 2018 will be made from September 20, 2019, according to the legal provisions in force.

The accounting profit of RON 34,303,788 for the year 2018 was allocated as follows:

Profit to be distributed 34,303,788 lei

Reverva legal 0 lei

Other reserves from profit provided by law 27,596,111 lei

Dividends of which: 6.707.678 lei

dividends to the majority shareholder of RON 3,556,228
dividends due to other legal entities and individuals 3.151.450 lei
Antibiotics in 2018:

– world leader and international quality standard for the active substance Nistatine;

– 35% of the turnover is made from export sales;

– 3rd place among manufacturers of generic medicines and non-prescription medicines (OTC) in Romania;

– the leader in terms of therapeutic units used on injectable powder form – 72% market share;

– leader of the Romanian ointment market – 26% market share;

– the leader of the Romanian suppository market – 42% market share;

– the main producer of generic medicines for hospital consumption;

– Sales revenue increased by 8% compared to 2017;

– Net profit increased by 2% compared to 2018;

– Operating profit increased by 5% compared to 2017.

Persons interested in additional information can consult the Annual Report 2018, the Bucharest Stock Exchange (iris.bvb.ro), the Financial Supervisory Authority (www.asfromania.ro) or the Antibiotice SA website (www. antibiotics.com), Investors section – Shareholder information – Financial information – Annual report -2018.

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