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Summer School a+, a selection pool for the future employees
From June to August 2014, Antibiotice runs the fifth edition of Summer school a+, with the intention to develop the professional competence of the staff (internal part) as well as attracting future specialists in research, pharmaceutical product development or quality control  (external part).

Antibiotice sales increased by 6% in H1 2014, while the gross profit rose by 19%
The amount of income from sales recorded in the first half was LEI 149.78 million, up 6% versus the same period of 2013.

Antibiotice – main partner and sponsor in the largest scientific event intended for Romanian pharmacists
On September 24 – 27, 2014 the largest scientific and networking event dedicated to the national pharmaceutical community was held in Iasi - the National Congress of Pharmacy in Romania takes place every four years.
At the National Congress of Pharmacy, Antibiotice welcomes pharmacists from all over Romania
On the occasion of the National Congress of Pharmacy held in Iaşi, September 24th - 27th, Antibiotice opened its gates to welcome 120 pharmacists (open-circuit pharmacies and hospitals).
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