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December 11 2014 - 59 years of Romanian continuity and performance!
Nowadays, Antibiotice is one of the key drug manufacturers in Romania. Every year new drugs from various therapeutic classes were added to its portfolio so that a balanced product classification was created containing both traditional drugs as well as new generation drugs. 

7.8% increase in gross profit in 2014
The results recorded by Antibiotice at the end of the first nine months of 2014 show an increase in profit and a higher growth rate of the sales in pharmacies (7%) against the  growth rate of the pharmaceutical market in Romania (5.2%)

Antibiotice Science and Soul Foundation offered relief to underprivileged families
During the Easter holidays, the "Antibiotice Science and Soul" foundation helped 12 families in needs:  children, elderly, families in difficult situations who were offered food, cleaning products and supplies.
Antibiotice opened its gates to more than 500 students
Within the “School done differently” project, Antibiotice was visited by over 500 primary school, elementary and high school students. The children had the opportunity to find out about the production of medicines formulated as sterile injectable powders, capsules, tablets, ointments, creams, gels or suppositories.
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