At Antibiotice, Santa Claus offered gifts to 62 underprivileged children

On the 17th December, sixty-two children met Santa Claus at the headquarters of Antibiotice company in a festive atmosphere. The “Science and Soul” Foundation managed to warm the hearts of several children from poor families living in Dagâţa (Iași county) for whom Christmas is the long-awaited for, happiest time of the year.

With the help of their teachers, or all by themselves, children with ages between 4 and 9 put  their down wishes in a letter to Santa, and their letters reached several Antibiotice employees who enthusiastically assumed the role of  Santa’s elves and made their wishes come true.
Coming from an underprivileged families, the children wanted simple but diverse things such as: story books, crayons, shoes, clothes, dolls, fruit and sweets. During yesterday’s gift offering ceremony children met Santa with lots of smiles and joy, told him how good they were while waiting for him and rejoiced to meet some of his generous „elves” who turned their dreams into reality.

”It is for the second time that we organize this event, which made us all turn back in time, with nostalgia, to our childhood. Thanks to these wonderful children and their colorful, innocent letters, more than 100 employees, individually or grouped on teams, generously offered to help, welcoming the Christmas spirit into their hearts.

This charitable event was particularly popular with our colleagues as it aimed to bring joy and happiness to children who aren’t used to such a generous Santa,” said Ioana Tode, president of the Science and Soul Foundation.
As a sign of gratitude, the children sang Christmas carols and smiled cheerfully.

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