Science and soul brings us closer to our community

Thanks to our foundation “Antibiotice – Science and Soul”, our company runs charitable projects as well as educational and cultural programs.
We support children from underprivileged families, elderly people in distress, people in need, by organizing corporate social awareness programs, some of which having already become traditional with Antibiotice.

  • Donate blood! Save a life!
    Under this humanitarian urge, our employees have participated since 2010 in the blood donation campaign, organized in partnership with the Regional Center for blood transfusion Iasi. The biannual mobile blood collect responds to both the increasing need of blood supply in Romanian hospitals and the employees’ desire to save people’s lives in medical emergencies.
  • “Science and Soul” Scholarships
    For 14 years our company has worked closely with the “Pro Ruralis” Association contributing by “Science and Soul” scholarships to the education of children in rural areas, children with higher IQs who come from disadvantaged families. Thus, intellectually gifted children and high school students continue their studies, which opens new horizons in their professional and personal development.
  • The power of deed
    Through the “Power of deed”, more than 8,000 people were supported by Antibiotice starting from 2003, on various humanitarian and aid relief issues: children with special needs, disabled children or children with severe conditions such as AIDS or Down syndrome, abandoned children, families facing a high risk of abandoning their children, sick or elderly people in foster homes.
  • Be generous, be Santa Claus!
    During the winter holidays, Antibiotice staff  “turn” into Santa Claus for the underprivileged children who would otherwise have no Christmas celebration. Our company employees assume the role of Santa’s “elves”, offering children long-awaited for and at the same time useful gifts.