World-leading manufacturer of Nystatin

Antibiotice is renowned for being a worldwide top producer of Nystatin active ingredient. We have an experience of over 66 years in the synthesis of APISs. The beginnings in this field were marked by the synthesis of Penicillin in 1955, which was a premiere in Romania and eastern Europe.

For Nystatin API we have received, in time, the following certifications:

  • EU GMP
  • US FDA Approval
  • CEP (Certificate of Suitability with the European Pharmacopoeia) and
  • Numerous approvals from clients and auditors (Rephine, SGS, Blue Inspection Body) from various parts of the world.

Currently, our products are exported to over 60 countries on all continents including the US, Germany, the Netherlands, China, India, Syria, the Russian Federation, Brazil and Australia through 110 partners.