We have a healthy and sustenable growth along with our partners

Our development, in a global world and a rapidly evolving industry is closely related to the development of stable, wisely chosen partnerships. Thus we can consolidate our position on the Romanian pharmaceutical market and also expand into new markets around the world, to develop new technologies and products so that we can grow together in a sustainable and healthy manner.
In this way, partnership relationships are no longer just a possibility of capitalizing on our products in all parts of the world, but a strategic and constructive cooperation in various fields such as:

the development of generic products,
the registration and marketing of new products on external markets,
providing know-how on research and access to various international markets.

Our long tradition and the trust our business partners have acquired in our products have resulted in:

  • maintaining a leading position on the Romanian market in the production of sterile powder for injection, ointments and suppositories;
  • the world leader position in the production of Nystatin;
  • export in over 75 countries worldwide, in strategic areas such as: the European Union, North America, ISC, the Middle-East, South-East Asia, South-America, Africa;
  • more than 120 partners in all areas of the world.
  • Aprobare Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pentru Ampicilina Injectabila (4 doze), Nafcilina (2 doze) si Nistatina, substanta activa
  • 8 fluxuri de productie certificate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Sistem de Management Integrat Calitate, Mediu, Sanatate si Securitate in Munca