Antibiotice on the securities market

Traded under the ATB symbol, our company’s shares are issued in a dematerialized form and are freely transferable. The Registry of shareholders and shares of Antibiotice is maintained by the Central Depository SA Bucharest.

Antibiotice shares have been listed on the Premium category of the Bucharest Stock Exchange since April 1997. During the same year, the shares of the company were included in the BET index (Bucharest Exchange Trading Index). In 2005 the ATB shares entered the ROTX index (Romanian Traded Index) of the Vienna Stock Exchange and in 2007 our company shares entered the Dow Jones Wilshire Global Total Market Index of the New York Stock Exchange.

The shares are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the symbol ATB and are included in the stock index

Our company has a specialized structure called Investor Relations, that keep in touch with the existing and potential investors. Its main role is to ensure a good communication with the company’s shareholders. The persons appointed to keep in touch with investors deal with maximum efficiency, shareholders’ requests and facilitate the dialogue with the company’s management. The company creates and develops an appropriate policy to promote effective communication with investors and shareholders.