Message of the CEO, Ioan Nani

Following its destiny, our company turned over the last 68 years from a traditional producer of active ingredients into a modern and competitive generic producer whose mission is to transform the valuable therapeutic drugs in a more affordable means of care for patients, physicians and pharmacists.

The Hippocratic spirit guiding the practice of medicine and pharmacy guides also our actions. In order to offer new and accessible alternatives of healing for millions of Romanian and foreign patients we continue to develop the antiinfectives class for which we are well-recognized in the market along with medicines for cardiovascular, neuro-degenerative and digestive tract diseases as well as products for preventing some diseases or for increasing the quality of life (food supplements and dermocosmetics).

We believe that a valuable medicine is not necessarily an expensive one but one that people can afford to buy and gives us a reasonable benefit allowing us to target performance, investing continuously in people, high technology and exigently selected partnerships.

Today, we rank the fourth among the producers of generic medicines in Romania and we are world leaders in the manufacture of the active ingredient Nystatin. There are two dimensions which speak for themselves about the evolution and continuous transformation over decades, having as a creed the mutual recognition of our purpose and value, which binds us to each other and gives us strength to surpass the limitations and obstacles, looking boldly into the future.

We will continue to follow the path we have chosen, treasuring knowledge, efficiency and the spirit of cooperation, that allow us to be focused on the ever changing needs of our customers and our consumers.

We will continue to provide new and affordable alternatives of healing for our patients and health specialists, because our symbol a+ urges us to do our best for us and for our consumers.