Knowledge and continuous improvement

Knowledge and continuous improvement are essential for our employees. Antibiotice employees attend both training programs with in-house lecturers and courses conducted outside the company and abroad. Thus, we maintain and improve the training level of our specialists, this allowing us to keep pace with the global pharmaceutical development.

One of our annual internal programs is “Summer School a+” attended by our employees from all the company’s structures. Through these courses they have access to the knowledge provided by academics from Iasi and share experiences that enable them to exchange ideas and expand their professional horizon.

Valuing the innovative spirit

We know that people are the most valuable resource for innovation and streamlining an organization. Therefore we encourage our employees to come up with creative ideas and solutions to improve activities and processes in all business areas.

We are delighted that the project “Ideas are free of charge” awarded 35 of the best ideas and solutions offered by our employees for streamlining the activities, cutting the costs and valuing new opportunities in production, research, marketing and promotion.