Opportunities for collaboration in biotechnology research

Throughout more than 60 years of industrial microbiology, our company has developed expertise and an extremely valuable knowledge that nowadays include: a collection of microbial strains, microbial fermentation technologies, work techniques, innovative projects, patents and a system of inter-collaboration with other companies, with academic institutions and laboratories in the field.

Our pool of microorganisms consists of: strains producing active principles; strains with the properties of biofertilizers and bioinsecticide; probiotic strains; strains used in testing purity and testing the biosynthesis potential.

Our specialists in biotechnological research have rich experience in the maintenance and preservation of biological material collected through activities such as:

  • revitalization and multiplication of biological material on specific media;
  • verification of identity, viability and variability of biological material;
  • Verification of biosynthesis potential in the laboratory;
  • conservation of performing lines by lyophilization of biological material or freezing at extremely low temperatures;
  • monitoring the storage conditions of biological material.

Research papers:

  • optimizing existing technologies, by improving the culture media and identification of the best fermentation conditions;
  • biosynthesis potential improvement through successive selections, simple or combined with selective pressure;
  • in-house isolation works, identification, characterization, multiplication and development of new strains for commercial applications.

Technology transfer:

The verification of microbial fermentation technologies at the level of stirred vials and execution of a scale-up works on a high-tech lab bioreactor.
If you are interested in collaborating with us on biotechnological development, don’t hesitate to send us an email here.