The mission, vision and values of our company

Company mission

We make our valuable medicines more accessible to patients, physicians and pharmacists. The patients’ wellbeing is in our best interest and we always put our strength to the service of those who need support.


The Hippocratic spirit that guides the practice of medicine and pharmacy also guides our actions. We are honest, compassionate and constantly concerned with modernizing our activity and enhancing our products. We believe a valuable medicine is not necessarily an expensive one, but a medicine people can afford and which brings the company a reasonable profit. Profit that satisfies our shareholders and allows us to target performance. Moreover, our company is permanently investing in people, technology and carefully selected partnerships.


We cherish efficiency, knowledge and the spirit of cooperation which allow us to focus on the ever-changing needs of our customers and consumers. We put the right people in the right place at the right time.

We mutually acknowledge our purpose and value within the company, which creates a sense of connection and gives us the strength to overcome limitations and obstacles. As human beings, we care for our fellow beings, do our best to support them and try to improve the things they find important, such as lifestyle quality.