We produce high quality generic drugs that allow us to increase the access of patients and health professionals to valuable treatments.

The medicines destined to the Romanian market, have different pharmaceutical forms and are addressed to various pathologies: infectious, dermatological, cardiovascular, central nervous system, oncological, for pain therapy, rheumatism, for prevention or to increase the quality of life.

Thus we turned our attention to some major directions in which we want to develop the Antibiotice’s portfolio:

  • Hospital & Partners – portfolio for hospitals;
  • Quality of life = prevention + treatment – to maintain a normal biological, physical, mental and social status;
  • Women’s health – portfolio for the prevention and treatment of diseases in the obstetric field – gynecology;
  • Nutriensa® – an umbrella brand for supplements food produced by Antibiotice

Antibiotice’s product portfolio includes:

  • 160 medicines for human use from 12 therapeutic areas
  • veterinary medicines
  • active substances (Nystatin)

Antibiotice brand drugs are produced on both capacities own manufacturing, as well as flows of partner companies in 5 pharmaceutical forms: sterile injectable powders, capsules, tablets, topical products (ointments, gels, creams) and suppositories.

  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for Ampicillin for injection (4 strengths), Nafcillin (2 strengths ) and Nystatin (API)
  • Eight GMP-certified manufacturing lines