Safe, effective and high-quality medicines

Antibiotice medicines safety is monitored by the Pharmacovigilance Department, regulated as required by the European Medicines Agency and national authorities.

The Pharmacovigilance Department reunites all the activities for detection, assessment, validation and prevention of adverse reactions to the medicinal products for which we own marketing authorization.

Pharmacovigilance involves the following activities:

  • collecting adverse reactions from physicians, pharmacists and patients in order to monitor the frequency of known adverse reactions to the medicinal products produced by the company;
  • analysis and dissemination of accurate information needed in drug prescription for a safe and rational use of medicinal products;
  • evaluating and communicating the risk/benefit ratio for all medicinal products which are already on the market and transmitting them to the competent authorities in the territories where Antibiotice medicines are put on the market.

For further advice on the evolution of any treatment you are following or for recommendations concerning your health, please contact your physician or pharmacist, the most able to help you in this regard. If you (as the patient) or one of your patients (if you are a physician or pharmacist) suspect any adverse reactions to one of our drugs, or have any medical questions related to one of our pharmaceutical products, please contact us here.

Adverse reaction reporting form