Antibiotice supports Earth Hour

Saturday, March 24, 2018, Earth Hour, between 20:30 and 21:30, and Antibiotice will symbolically turn off the lights in the tenth consecutive company’s participation in this action. Earth Hour, the largest environmental event ever, draws attention to the effects of global warming and the measures we need to take at all levels to halt the phenomenon.
At Antibiotice, the Earth Hour campaign entails the symbolic extinction of the lights for an hour in the areas where this is possible (administrative and quality pavilions, wearing 1 ect).
This year, the message and urge for the Earth Hour community in Romania is “Connect to Terra” – # Connect2Earth.

The Earth Hour action is being launched in 2007 by WWF – World Wildlife Fund, so Romania joins more than 7,000 cities in more than 180 countries to show that it wants more determination and concrete actions to protect the environment and natural resources.
Antibiotice aims for a sustainable partnership between the company, the environment and the community by carrying out activities meant to protect the environment, being constantly concerned with improving its environmental performance.
Such actions are designed to inspire both our employees and the community where we operate, the importance of rational consumption of natural resources, and environmental responsibility.

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