60 years of sustained high Romanian performance!

Nowadays, Antibiotice is one of the key drug manufacturers in Romania. Every year new drugs from various therapeutic classes were added to its portfolio so that a balanced product classification was created containing both traditional drugs as well as new generation drugs.
From the “silver bullet” of medicine, as the antibiotic was considered to be in the 1970’s, our portfolio has expanded to drugs that are used in modern therapy: cardiology, central nervous system, oncology and so on. Today, the over 140 company products support and maintain the activity of medical professionals from all medical units in Romania.

The foundation of all these years is made of hard work, dedication, continuous adaptation, knowledge and we are proud to count on the work of three generations of people with expertise in specialized areas. A company is strong and competitive due to the experience and professionalism of its employees. Competitiveness requires specialized professions and in 2014 Antibiotice has one of the most competitive teams of specialists in the Romanian pharmaceutical industry.

Ranking 4th in the top of the generic drug manufacturers in Romania, ranking 1st as the worldwide manufacturer of Nystatin active substance, alongside numerous domestic and international partners from USA, EU, Russia, Asia and Africa, all of this certifies the trust invested in the quality of the products and manufacturing processes that our company develops.

“We have created, through performance, added value and we managed to build and develop a production platform that observes international quality standards. We have always embraced good ideas and we have looked with confidence into the future. We were creative and we dared.  Thus, today, we celebrate 59 years of activity and we feel proud when we see our company’s logo “Antibiotice a+” on a product in the hands of a client who just went out from a pharmacy, into a television commercial or when we travel across the country and abroad.
I thank all our company employees for their loyalty and dedication, I thank all our partners alongside whom we developed and I also thank all the people who have trust in our products and for whom we strive to bring extra health“- Ioan Nani, General Manager Antibiotice SA.

The mission of the company, besides the manufacture of valuable drugs, is the ongoing care for sustainable development. “Science and soul” is not only our company’s slogan, it is our core mission. Active supporter of social life, involved in programs to support disadvantaged social categories, Antibiotice established, in 2011, the Antibiotice Science and Soul Foundation guiding donations and charities towards supporting health, education, culture and sport (the women’s volleyball team “Penicilina Iaşi” has been supported by our company for over 50 years).

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