The European Investment Bank and Antibiotice signed an advisory service agreement for the strategic development of the industrial site of the company

Yesterday, April 19, in Luxemburg, high-level officials of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Antibiotice SA signed an agreement for advisory services under which EIB experts together with external consultants will cooperate with representatives of Antibiotice to identify the growth and development opportunities for the company both locally and internationally.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Antibiotice SA signed an advisory service agreement for the strategic development of the industrial site of the companyThe agreement will include, among others:

– assessing portfolio expansion possibilities offered by the pharmaceutical market;
– identifying opportunities for partnerships with companies with complementary portfolio or technological platforms in order to identify potential development opportunities in line with the national and international regulations;
– recommendation of the best practices for the planning and expansion of the industrial processes of the company.

“The advisory services provided by the EIB experts are going to support our vision of integration in the value chain of the European pharmaceutical industry and participation in the European production of active ingredients taking into account the current strategy for limiting dependence on raw materials from non-EU markets. Moreover, we intend to cooperate with the EIB representatives for achieving our sustainable development objectives by means of portfolio diversification and sustainable investment projects in order to redefine our future and maintain our status as the most important Romanian manufacturer of generic medicines that is of a strategic importance for the country”, said Ioan Nani, CEO of Antibiotice.

“By sharing international best practice through our advisory support, we aim to assist Antibiotice SA in optimising their processes and better position their generic drugs, with a positive impact on the pharmaceutical market in Romania” commented Hristo Stoykov, Head of Advisory Services at the EIB. “The Bank’s track record in delivering sound investment projects in Life Sciences sector alongside the input of specialised consultants will be key to deliver a comprehensive package of advisory support to Antibiotice SA.”

The management team of the company formulated a business plan based on the sustainable development of its operations taking into consideration that the transition towards an economy requiring the adaptation of processes and technologies to reduce the impact on the environment has become more and more pressing.

Thus, by 2030, Antibiotice aims at consolidating a well-balanced product portfolio by assimilating 100 new products by means of in-licensing and in-house research projects. This objective, together with the increase of the manufacturing capacity utilization up to 75–80%, investments in sustainable technologies and optimization of the manufacturing processes will contribute to the gradual augmentation of the turnover up to 2.5 higher by 2030 and the increase of the business profitability from EUR 10 million to EUR 60 million.

About EIB

The EIB has been working in Romania since 1991, channeling more than €18 billion in financing for projects that further the country’s economic and financial development. The EIB is the long-term lending institution of the European Union, owned by its Member States. It finances sound investment contributing towards EU policy goals. The EIB’s key priorities are climate and the environment, development, innovation and skills, small businesses, infrastructure and cohesion. It works closely with other EU institutions to foster European integration, promote the development of the European Union and support EU policies in more than 140 countries worldwide.

In 2022, EIB advisory services increased tailored advisory support for Romanian public and private entities related to sectors including health, road safety, education, climate action, decarbonisation, digital transition and others. The EIB provided backing for construction of the regional hospitals in Craiova, Cluj and Iasi and the reconstruction of 26 smaller hospitals and medical facilities across the country, financing to universities in Cluj-Napoca and Targu Mures and new targeted support to improve road safety across the country. Both the universities and the road safety projects also received advisory support from the European Investment Advisory Hub.

About Antibiotice

For more than 67 years, Antibiotice SA has been the most important generic medicines manufacturer with full Romanian capital, which supports the national health system with over 150 products and, at the same time, the biggest Romanian pharmaceutical exporter.

Antibiotice has consolidated sales in more than 60 countries all over the world and is the worldwide leading manufacturer of Nystatin API. In addition, Antibiotice is recognized as an important supplier of sterile injectable antibiotics for different international health systems from the US, Great Britain, Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark or Vietnam.

Locally, Antibiotice is the leading manufacturer of sterile powders for injection and topical preparations as well as of Rx medicines and OTCs reaching hospitals, in terms of volume sales.

The compliance with the international quality standards established by the most highly regulated markets in the world has resulted in the EU GMP certification of all the 8 distinct manufacturing lines and US FDA approval for the manufacturing of Nystatin API and sterile powders for injection.


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