GMP certificate granted by ANMDM for the new factory of Topic products

Today, December 9, was a day that will remain a landmark in our 67-year evolution, and which touched our hearts for those of us who work in Antibiotics. Or he “anointed” our souls, so that we are in agreement with the day!

In the presence of professionals from the medical world and representatives of local and national authorities, the new factory of topical products, the result of an investment of almost 20 million euros, was inaugurated, also receiving the certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice, from the National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices from Romania.

“We are happy to receive today a recognition that the work done in recent years in the thinking, construction and technology of this new factory is positively appreciated and receives the recognition of the specialists of the National Medicines Agency. This moment reminds us of the first GMP certificate obtained by Antibiotice in 1999, also in December, being the first company in Romania to obtain this confirmation of the implementation of standards and technologies that ensure the manufacture of safe and quality medicines”, declared Ioan Nani, General Manager of Antibiotice, during today’s event.

The message sent by Dr. Loreta Păun, presidential adviser, from the Presidency of Romania:
“Being competitive in the international drug production market requires investment in production infrastructure, orientation towards innovation and implementation of international quality standards. The inauguration of the topical products factory today is further evidence of the concern for development and modernization and strengthens your position as a leader in the manufacture of topical pharmaceutical products. Through what you have built over the decades of existence, you have become a pole of innovation and creativity, a model of professionalism and bring honor to our country at the international level.

The future is on the side of those industry players who abandon conservative models and turn to new technologies that prioritize the real needs of the patient. Today, more than ever, the future is shaped by innovation and it favors those who manage to adapt quickly. I congratulate you and wish you much success, assuring you once again of the full appreciation of the President of Romania for the entire activity!”

Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă‘s message
“Beyond being a producer of essential medicines, the company Antibiotice is a standard of resilience and reinvention among Romanian companies with domestic capital. With a history that has transcended regimes, Antibiotice Iași has been in a continuous process of transformation, keeping up with the times or even being ahead of them due to the importance it has given to research and innovation. I congratulate you on this remarkable result, the result of the work of visionary leaders, teams of high-class specialists and professional employees oriented towards performance and permanent adaptation to what Romanians expect from a company that they felt almost in moments difficult social issues”, message through the voice of the President of the Committee of Sabnate from the Senate.

Prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu Cercel, President of the Health Committee of the Senate
“I congratulate you on the extraordinary results you have and I tell you that I am with Antibiotice trup y sulet company. I really appreciated that you took concrete actions to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics years from now. It’s a commendable thing for an antibiotic company, and I want to mention the campaign “Treat antibiotics with care for a care-free future!”, a great idea, which I strongly subscribed to. I congratulate you and wish you much success in the future and, why not, the development of antiviral drugs, which are very much needed at this time.”

Răzvan Prisada, president of the National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices in Romania.
“It is an honor and a joy to be here today at the Antibiotice company on a historic day that comes after sustained efforts and investments to achieve the most modern topical department in Europe.
My colleagues were present here for two weeks for inspections and I can say that I am proud that in Romania there is a manufacturing capacity at such a high level, opposed to other similar units at the international level. The collaboration between ANMDMR and the Antibiotice company, as with other manufacturing units, is based on an open and honest partnership, oriented towards continuous improvement and improvement, for the benefit of the patient. I am honored to hand you the GMP certificate for the new department today and I wish you every success. I am convinced that in the days we are living, with all the challenges at the border, the existence of medicine manufacturing capacities, here in Romania, capable of producing quality medicines in an emergency, is more than welcome, it is a necessity.
I appreciated the way the company mobilized in the emergency production of potassium iodide and that speaks for itself how well organized this company is.”

Vasile Asandrei, general director of ADRNE

“I have found that you are a culture and I congratulate you for being able to have tradition, vision, research and capitalize on the most precious resource: the human mind. We must collaborate to implement projects, especially on the research side, because without them there can be no future. I hope that in the financing phase 2021-2027 large companies will be eligible so that the company can access funds for research and innovation programs”

Tiberius Brădățan, Minister Secretary of State Ministry of Health

“There’s no point in arguing how important it is that there is a profitable, modern company that can manufacture quality medicines, especially in the current international context. As your slogan goes, you’ve managed to combine science with the soul.
We will be with the factory, with this conglomerate of drug production units, to continue to remain state-owned. Antibiotice is a standard for Romania and a prestigious unit within the national health system”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Monica Hănceanu, Coordinator UMF Doctoral School “Gr. T. Popa” Iasi.

“As a representative of UMF Iași, I want to assure you of the sincere friendship of the academic community and the desire to intensify cooperation and communication between the university and the company Antibiotice, a condition for a good functioning of the triangle of knowledge: education – research – innovation.”


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