Support the projects carried out by the Science and Soul Antibiotic Foundation ”and in 2020.

The 230 forms collection campaign for the redirection of the income tax has started!

By redirecting 3.5% of your income tax, for 2019, to the Antibiotic Foundation “Science and Soul”, you will support people with special needs and special social cases (children, the elderly, the sick), and through the Science and Soul educational scholarships you will give the chance to intelligent children, but without material possibilities, to continue their school studies / complete their education!

“Science and Soul” Foundation in 2019:

I planted 200 fruit trees at schools in the community.
We lit up the Easter holidays for 23 families with 121 children from Iași County who are in a precarious financial situation.
We continued to be welcoming hosts in “Otherwise Week” for the students of the 11 schools in Iași who passed us
I donated 62 liters of blood, saving more than 280 lives!
We continued to learn to save the lives of our fellow human beings, along with SMURD
We planted Oxygen in the presses by planting 200 seedlings and 6000 shrubs near the company
We brought Santa Claus closer for 100 children from low-income families

For your involvement in the realization of these projects, THANK YOU!

Awards given to the Foundation

First place and the trophy in the category “Internal CSR Campaigns” for the project “Donate Blood! Put your soul to life! ” (Gala “Romanian CSR Awards 2019”)
Mention in the category “Employee Support” for the project “Each of us can save a life – First Aid Course” for Antibiotic Employees ”(Gala“ Romanian CSR Awards 2019 ”)
The “Salvator Hero 2019” award from INHT Bucharest for the 16 blood donation campaigns organized during the 18 blood donation actions organized in the last 9 years (more than 1000 employed volunteers and 3000 lives saved

Deadline for submission: May 25, 2020

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