Antibiotice takes an important step towards sustainable development and becomes a member of the Sustainable Romania Coalition

Antibiotice takes an important step towards sustainable development and becomes a member of the Sustainable Romania Coalition

Antibiotice, the most important pharmaceutical producer with Romanian capital, became a member of the Sustainable Romania Coalition, the first platform for sustainable development established by the Embassy of Sustainability in Romania (ASR), a private initiative, apolitical, officially recognized as a partner and facilitator of dialogue on sustainability issues of the Department for Sustainable Development (DDD) within the Romanian Government.

By joining the Sustainable Romania Coalition, Antibiotice is taking another important step towards sustainable development, committing itself to supporting and contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals at the country level.

The partnership will enable Antibiotice to keep up to date with the sustainability news for the transition to a sustainable economy and to facilitate the free participation of all employees in the SustainAbility School platform, sustainable management education program that addresses topics within the scope of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Antibiotice has developed in recent years projects and actions that contribute, within the Coalition, to three objectives of sustainable development: health and well-being, clean and accessible energy and actions for climate change.

The steps taken by Antibiotice so far in the field of sustainability, as well as the representative indicators that reflect the financial and non-financial performance of the company are brought together in the Integrated Year Report 2022, accessible on the website

“We invest responsibly in the health of future generations – is what guides our steps on the path to sustainability. Our mission has also been transposed into the area of sustainability, being concerned with putting people’s health first, not only through the medicines we have in our portfolio, but also by the way they are produced and by caring for their fellow men. That is why we invest responsibly in education programs, in projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing dependence on energy sources with a high carbon footprint. We also carry out prevention projects in the field of health and, at the same time, we develop and ensure access to medicines essential for maintaining human health”, said Sebastian Costea, executive manager of strategic projects, Antibiotice.

The company’s latest initiatives for sustainable development highlight investments in the production of energy from renewable sources with a total installation power of 3.7 MW/h, which contributes to the development of resilience to climate change. Also, projects aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing the incidence, among employees, of diseases with an impact at national level, but also the program to raise awareness of the responsible use of antibiotics so that they maintain their therapeutic effectiveness over time, are programs that support the company’s sustainable behavior.

Regarding the accession of Antibiotice to the Coalition of Sustainable Romania, Dragoș Tuță, Founder and President of ASR, appreciated: At the Embassy of Sustainability in Romania, our mission is to promote the sustainable economic model, building a space for dialogue between business, non-governmental and non-profit. We are proud that the pharmaceutical field is better represented in the Coalition and we applaud the joining in our community of Antibiotice Iași, the largest drug company with Romanian capital, which makes important approaches and investments in sustainability. We are convinced that this new collaboration will contribute to our joint efforts to improve transparency in the local business environment and the quality of life of Romanians.

The Sustainable Romania Coalition is coordinated and developed by the Embassy of Sustainability in Romania, as part of the plan for implementing and monitoring the national strategy for sustainable development and brings together over 150 members (large companies, SMEs, NGOs, socially active opinion leaders), which contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals in Romania.

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