Antibiotice promptly answered the call to save lives!

For the second time this year, on Tuesday, September 24, Antibiotice’s employees donated blood to fill the needs of the Regional Centre for Blood Transfusion (CRTS) Iaşi. On Friday, September 20, our company sent medicines for the distressed people in Galaţi.

Blood donation campaign among Antibiotice’s employees
50 donors, 23 liters of blood, more than 100 lives saved! These are the figures of the 5th blood donation campaign carried out in our company, the second this year.

Under the slogan “Donate Blood, save a life!”, on September 24, 2013, the company’s employees responded positively to the blood donation campaign organized by the Foundation “Antibiotice – Science and Soul” in partnership with the Regional Centre for Blood Transfusion (CRTS) Iaşi. The action, the second one carried out this year, was organized to respond to the humanitarian call of the CRTS and doctors from Iasi to complete the blood reserves almost depleted during the summer holidays, due to a reduction in the number of donors.

Both Antibiotice and the Foundation “Antibiotice-Science and Soul” deem as a human and natural gesture to give an extra chance to life in cases of emergency, for sick people, through a voluntary blood donation.

“Blood is a product that cannot be bought, produced and can be achieved only by the goodwill of the people next to us. It was important to mobilize ourselves, we, Antibiotice’s employees by donating blood and showing our sincere desire to do a good deed, a human gesture for our fellows ” declared Ioana Tode, President of the “Antibiotice-Science and Soul” foundation.

The blood collection took place in the clinical unit of the Center for Drug Evaluation, Antibiotice, being carried out by the CRTS specialists who came to our headquarters with the mobile blood collection unit.

“We thank our partner, Antibiotice, and its employees. Our collaboration has already become a tradition, this way we are saving more lives” said Dr. Andreea Vatamanu, the spokeswoman of the Regional Center for Blood Transfusions Iasi.

Donations of medicines to victims from Galati
To save lives, the Foundation “Antibiotice – Science and Soul” responded promptly to the call of the health authorities, faced with the need for medication, in the stricken areas from Galaţi. Thus, on Friday, 20 September, the Foundation sent a convoy with medicines (antibiotics and ointments), in the amount of LEI 40,000 which will reach the family doctors in the areas affected by flooding, to be prescribed to the people who need them.

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