Antibiotice Iasi invests in digitalization for the transition to a sustainable business

The digital transformation of Antibiotice Iasi moves to a new level, by collaborating with IBM Romania, which includes phased projects until 2030.

Antibiotice Iasi signed a new contract with IBM Romania Consulting, the only consulting firm at scale inside a large Technology company, for the implementation of SAP S/4HANA, one of the most advanced integrated business management software solutions (ERP), in the pursuit of integrating new technologies on the industrial platform in Iasi. The contract is aimed at supporting the objectives of the company described in the business plan “The Future Together 2023-2030” by implementing one of the best performing current ERP solutions. It will thus ensure, Antibiotice’s transition to a modern and digital company in all respects.

“By implementing the ERP software solution and launching our digitalization and automation projects, Antibiotice is strengthening its digital foundation and expanding its analytical capabilities to anticipate and meet the complex needs of the pharmaceutical industry.  Every project in our digital transformation agenda is implemented to enhance operational efficiency, maximize production quality, and optimize the supply chain, ensuring that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand”, said Ciprian Iacob, manager of Engineering and Digitalization of processes in Antibiotice.

For the next 15 months IBM and Antibiotice, through the implementation methodologies developed by IBM over hundreds of projects, will work together to adopt the solutions suited to the company’s needs, to train employees, monitor performance and continuous improvement of processes.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to contribute to the digital transformation of Antibiotice Iasi, a 100% Romanian success story. The implementation of SAP S/4HANA is a significant step in achieving the company’s sustainability and productivity targets. In order to achieve the common objectives set in this collaboration, we will combine IBM’s global expertise in the pharmaceutical field, the decades-long experience of specialists from the IBM Innovation Center in Romania in ERP systems implementations and the most innovative technologies from SAP and IBM”, said Ioan Ovidiu Hotca, IBM Romania Consulting Leader.

The digital transformation process of the industrial platform Antibiotice consists of projects with implementation deadlines until the year 2030, which underlines the continuous and adaptive nature of digital transformation in line with developments technological.

As a company operating in a competitive and regulated environment, Antibiotice aims to optimize work processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity, accelerate decision-making processes through access to data and analysis in real-time. In addition, the intelligent interconnection of relevant data, of information and processes in a complex software is one of the main objectives of the company’s sustainability strategy, included in the business plan “The Future Together 2023-2030”.

Following the analysis conducted together with IBM representatives, regarding the implementation of an ERP solution, Antibiotice anticipates benefits with impact on labor productivity, such as:

  • increasing operational efficiency and reducing processing times, with an estimate of productivity improvement by up to 25%, depending on the optimized process
  • accelerate decision-making processes through access to real-time data and analysis, with an estimated improvement of decision-making speed by up to 32%

These percentages reflect averages of identified productivity increases, highlighting the positive impact that digitalization can have on the company’s operations. Antibiotice uses digitalization and process automation as an effective tool for sustainable development, and the ability to quickly integrate new technologies and assess its impact in detail constitutes a competitive advantage. In 2023, Antibiotice signed a first contract with IBM Romania Consulting, through which it benefited from consultancy in order to digitize according to current needs and priorities but also in view of the objectives set out in the strategic plan “The Future Together 2023-2030”.

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