Antibiotice attends the most important conference on phytotherapy in Romania

Between October 20th– 21st, 2017 Iasi hosted hundreds of doctors and pharmacists specializing in phytotherapy who participated in the Conference of Practical Phytotherapy, an event where Antibiotice was main partner. During the two days of scientific talks on phytotherapy – the science which is beginning to play an important role in the healthcare system, medical practitioners were presented with the documented evidence behind the efficient and safe use of pharmaceutical products containing plant extracts.

The National Conference of Phytotherapy, run under guidance of Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy brought together doctors, hospital managers and heads of hospital units as well as pharmacists from all over the country. The participants have various backgrounds such as pediatrics, gastroenterology, cardiology, diabetes and they use preparations containing plant extracts in their medical practice. The purpose of this conference was to make these specialists familiar with concrete data on the phytotherapy practice,“ according to Professor Monica Hancianu, PhD, President of the National Conference on Practical Phytotherapy and President of the Association of Phytotherapy and Practical Phytopharmacology in Romania.

As a result of constantly orienting and adapting to changes in the pharmaceutical market and of an increased interest in preventing and maintaining the health of the population, Antibiotice has recently developed a range of dietary supplements containing standardized vegetable extracts, which it presented to 600 health professionals.

“The six dietary supplements from Antibiotice’s portfolio imposed on both domestic and export markets. As a result, Soriso®, an adaptogenic product containing standardized extract of Rhodiola rosea and Ocimum basilicum occupies the first place in consumption in Romanian, with a market share of 34.7% in the second year of sale. Fluxiv®, another food supplement launched last year, intended to help maintain vascular circulation, is on the second position in terms of consumption on the domestic market. Also, Equilibra® – the optimal combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 -occupies a leading place 4 in the preferences of Romanian patients, out of a large variety of products in the same category, and this choice actually honors us, “said pharmacist Anisoara Nistor, Antibiotice Promotion Manager.

Following the general market trend driven by increased interest in prevention, health maintenance and quality of life, Antibiotice’s OTC drug portfolio recorded an increase of 31.4% between January and June 2017, higher than the rate recorded by the total market (+ 21.5%). This growth was achieved as a result of marketing, promotional and commercial policies conducted during the period reviewed.

With the existing portfolio, Antibiotice ranks 14th among the top OTC companies in Romania (out of a total of 213 companies), climbing one position compared to the first half of 2016. The share of OTC drugs in the company’s sales increased on 1st semester 2017 to 18.5% (from 13% in the first half of 2015 to 14.8% in the first half of 2016). Products with significant sales were the dietary supplements Fluxiv®, Silithor®, Equilibra®, Soriso® and the OTCs  Rompirin® E, Saliform® Forte, Clafen® gel 5% and Cicatrol®.

Through the promotional and commercial policies earlier this year, the current food supplements in our portfolio have been successful in the relevant markets: Fluxiv® is third in terms of consumption, with a market share of 4.7% in the second year of sale; Equilibra® ranked fourth as per consumption with a market share of 8.9%; Silithor® occupies sixth place in consumption, with a market share of 5.2%, in the third year of sale; Soriso® ranks first in terms of consumption, with a 34.7% market share in the second year of sale.






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