Antibiotice – 63 years of continuity and Romanian performance

Just a few days after the anniversary of the Romanian centenary, Antibiotice Company marked the 63th anniversary of its activity under the message “Continuity and Romanian Performance”. At the ceremony held on Tuesday, December 11, Sorina Pintea, the Minister of Health, Mr. Teofan, the Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bucovina, personalities from the medical and academic field, top representatives of the local and central public authorities took part.

“For us, tradition is continuity and recognition, and all these years that have passed through our existence are proof of the perseverance and transformations that this organization has made. In the centenary year, we want Romanian values ​​to be reconsidered, encouraged to survive over time. Antibiotice SA continued to be a business reference in the business environment thanks to a team of 1,400 dedicated people. Day by day, the Antibiotice team demonstrates that Romania can be asserted worldwide by manufacturing quality medicines, at international standards, “said Ioan Nani, General Manager, Antibiotice SA.

In her turn, Sorina Pintea, Health Minister stressed in the sustained speech: “I felt, as owner of 53% of the shares of Antibiotice SA, the pride to be part of this success stories. I am honored to be here to celebrate together the 63 years of uninterrupted activity and remarkable performance of the first plant in Romania and South East Europe that produced penicillin and hundreds of pharmaceutical products that contributed to the health of this people ” This year is a special one for our country, the centennial year, but also a year in which we look to the future. A future that honors and makes us accountable to a united Europe by taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. “Ms. Sorina Pintea mentioned that improving the access of Romanian citizens to health services is a priority, expressing the conviction that Antibiotice SA is a partner that will continue to offer viable solutions in this context.


Antibiotice is today the leading manufacturer of generic medicines with Romanian capital. For us, 2018 has been running under the sign of continuity and performance, confirming the steady growth trend we have set out to support. Through an important investment effort to increase the production capacity and maintain the quality standards for which it is recognized, the company has consolidated its business nationwide and internationally. On the national market, the company maintains its leading position in beta-lactam sterile injectable products and the leader in terms of volume in the topical use segment (ointments, gels and suppositories).

The massive investments made in the last 20 years – in modernization, modern equipment and the alignment with the international quality standards have allowed not only consolidation of the position on the domestic market but also the development of exports. At present, 35% of the company’s turnover is achieved by exporting to over 70 countries the finished product and the active substance Nistatine. Antibiotice is also the world leader in Nistatine production, and the product has the title of international reference quality standard. Antibiotice Company currently has its own representative offices in Vietnam, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Serbia.

About the performances of this authentic Romanian brand speak for themselves and the distinctions obtained over time: ANEIR Trophy “The most dynamic producer-exporter of medicines in Romania”, the Order “Industrial and Commercial Merit” as Commander – awarded by the Romanian Presidency . Antibiotice SA has been the leader of the Romanian business for more than 20 years, ranking first in the pharmaceutical industry according to the charts made by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

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