200 students visited Antibiotice within the week “To know more, to be better!”

More than 200 gymnasium and high-school students visited Antibiotice in the week 1-6 April, having the opportunity to see with their own eyes how the pharmaceutical products are manufactured.

In the week “To know more, to be better!”, students from five schools in Iasi stepped out for the first time in our company’s manufacturing plants where medicines under the form of sterile powders for injection, capsules, tablets, ointments, creams, gels and suppositories are manufactured through modern technological processes.

„We wished to show our students in this week that all they see on the shelves of pharmacies undergoes a laborious process of fabrication. Our children need to know how the knowledge they gain in the classes of biology, chemistry or physics is put into practice. On the other hand, I was glad to see today one of my former students working in your research center ” explained Marius Narcis Manoliu, English teacher at the College “Emil Racovita”.

The visits at the production plants, Development Research Center and Sewage Treatment Station aroused the curiosity of the students who expressed their desire to know as many details of the fabrication of a drug. “I must admit that I came here with another image. Without exaggerating, I am proud to see that, in my city, there is a company with tradition, at a European level “, underlined Ioana Anton, student in the 11th grade at the College „Costache Negruzzi”.

The visits made by students to Antibiotice are not fortuitously. Every year our company opens its doors for young people in high schools of chemistry profile, for performing their practice. Also, since 2010 Antibiotice runs the project „Summer school a+” which provide the students in the terminal years from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy with the opportunity to familiarize with the notions specific to the pharmaceutical industry.

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