The ideas of medical students awarded in the contest „The antibiotics – use them carefully! Everybody is responsible!”

The Antibiotice Company held on March 21 2017, in the Senate Hall of the “Gr. T. Popa “University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iași the awarding ceremony of the contest „The antibiotics – DSC_5135use them carefully! Everybody is responsible!”. The event was attended by representatives of the management of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa”, the representatives of the Antibiotice Company, students enrolled in the competition as well as representatives of student associations.

The design contest intended for the students at “Gr. T. Popa” Iași was initiated by the Antibiotice Company on November 18, 2016, as part of the social responsibility campaign „The antibiotics – use them carefully! Everybody is responsible!”. The students were invited to nurture their creativity into making an integrated communication campaign, whose message is to promote the rational use of antibiotics.

“Congratulations to the Antibiotice Company for this great initiative! The competition has motivated students to nurture creativity to convey accurate, well-documented scientific and media impact information concerning the rational use of antibiotics. It was once again proved that the interdisciplinary teams have performed and they came up the most attractive projects,” said Professor Doctor Monica Hăncianu PhD, Vice Rector in charge of international relations and academic partnerships at the “Gr. T. Popa ” Iași University of Medicine.

DSC_5221_1The team ranking first consists of: Oana-Maria Butnaru from the Faculty of Dentistry, a third-year student, and Răzvan Caliga from the Faculty of Pharmacy, a third-year student also. The winning team conducted a complex communication project, which consisted in creating a web page, a video spot and posters with accurate and relevant information on the correct use of antibiotics and the prevention of bacterial resistance.

The resistance to antibiotics is a current issue and although antibiotics have revolutionized medicine, today the risk is they can no longer be used as effectively in certain resistant bacterial infections. We considered it was our responsibility as future medical professionals to get involved in such projects, “said Oana Butnaru, a Faculty of Dentistry, third year student.

DSC_5192_3.1The team ranking second place consists of: Florina Cristina Vîrnă, Ana Străinu and Andreea Marin, all of the are sixth year DSC_5208_2students at the Faculty of Medicine. The students were protagonists in four interactive videos promoting educational messages about the responsible consumption of antibiotics, which were addressed to various audiences.

Third prize was awarded to Ana Maria Scutaru a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, who produced an animated film that contains recommendations to the general public on the issue of the resistance to antibiotics.

The Antibiotice Company is not only a manufacturer of medicinal products but also a model for people and future professionals. Through such challenges, such as the competition launched by students, the Antibiotice Company demonstrates responsibility towards the young generation and, for that reason, I congratulate the Company” said Professor Dr. Doina Azoicăi PhD from “Gr. T. Popa” Iași University of Medicine.

The Antibiotice Company is involved, alongside health professionals, student associations and professional associations in the support of campaigns concerning the limiting of the spread of bacterial resistance.

“We are glad that such an endeavor has aroused the interest of students. All the projects which entered the contest contain important ideas and communication messages on the rational use of antibiotics. It is the responsibility of each of us, experts from academia, students, prescribing physicians, pharmacists and patients to contribute to the responsible and fair use of antibiotics, so that the future generations can continue to benefit from the appropriate treatments of infectious diseases.DSC_5205

Our company, as a manufacturer of drugs, provides antibiotics to healthcare professionals to save lives. Therefore, we carefully cherish these “miracles” and we believe, perhaps more than anyone, that more knowledge concerning this topic and the rational use of antibiotics are paramount to ensure the preservation of their long-term effectiveness” said Dr. Mihaela Moșneguțu, Medical Director with the Antibiotice Company.

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