Responsibility towards the community and employees awarded at the Romanian CSR Awards 2021 Gala

Our company obtained today, April 8, 2021, at the Romanian CSR Awards Gala 2021, the 1st place in the category Supporting the community in pandemic, with the project “Solidarity with the health system” and mention in the category Supporting employees, with the project in this category being called “We take care of the health of loved ones.”

Here that the sustained effort, made last year to support the community and our employees came to be publicly recognized, in a competition that lined up over 200 social responsibility projects, carried out by more than 120 national and multinational companies .

“2020 was a year in which we learned that we are vulnerable without trusting in science and in the solidarity of people, a year that showed us how much responsible behavior means for our lives, but also for others. It is the year in which Antibiotice was equally concerned with the health of its peers, but also with the health of its employees, and the distinctions received today are the expression of national recognition of the fact that Antibiotice is a responsible brand, “said Ioan Nani, General Manager of Antibiotice Iași.

Through a gesture of solidarity and responsibility towards the Romanian health system, Antibiotice offered in full pandemic donations amounting to 134,000 euros. These donations have resulted in medicines, materials and protective equipment offered to hospitals according to needs, as well as important financial resources.

At the same time, in the context of the urgent needs of the Romanian health system, the Antibiotice company adapted its manufacturing structure to produce biocides for surfaces (disinfectant solutions of + Oxy and + Complex Solution) and launched Paracetamol and Novocalmin®, molecules for treatment associate COVID-19.

After ensuring the coverage of the need for medicines for patients in Romania, Antibiotice mobilized its efforts to respond favorably to the requests received from the international health systems for anti-infective drugs associated with the treatment of Covid-19. Thus, Antibiotice has won several international tenders, such as in the US and the United Kingdom, but also the tender organized by the European Commission for approximately 2,750,000 vials of Amoxicillin / Clavulanate injectable, an essential anti-infective drug on the World Health Organization list Covid-19.

In terms of employee support, Antibiotice has implemented a series of measures designed to protect the health and safety of employees, but also to reduce the risks of discontinuation of drug delivery operations. As you may remember, permanent employee information campaigns were carried out in order to raise awareness and change behaviors, organized the own transport of employees in a differentiated program, ensured free RT-PCR testing of employees before returning to work, as well as and the possibility of free consultation of a psychologist by employees emotionally overwhelmed by the stress generated by the pandemic.

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