Our current pharmacists face to face with the aspiring pharmacists!

“Antibiotice is the company where your passion turns into your profession”. This is how two of our colleagues have described the company they were working for in front of 25 high-school students included in the “Choose to become a Pharmacist” project run by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Iaşi.


For Mădălin Tiron, from thecity of Galați, the passion for chemistry, which was instilled in him by a gifted high-school teacher, was the reason why he went to study at the Faculty of Pharmacy, in the city of Iaşi. Years later, our company’s “Perfom a+” program allowed him to enter the universe of the research and development of generic drugs, an area that, he realized, fitted him like a glove. From there, joining our team of pharmacists working in the field of research at Antibiotice was only one step away.

Cristina Ciurea, a Quality Assurance pharmacist, has studied pharmacy as she pursued a second higher education diploma just because she wanted to know more about how she could help, with science and soul, a neighbor in need. She advised the students to make a foray into their inner world to answer a few questions: “Do I feel satisfaction when I provide help to someone?” “How far am I willing to go with the help that I provide? ” and “Could I have provided more help if I had known more?”

The visit of the students on July 18th to the Antibiotice headquarters was the second visit that took place within the partnership between our company and the Faculty of Pharmacy intended to help the young generation of today to embrace the profession of pharmacist and a career in the field of the industry whose main objective is to relieve pain and save lives.

“We kindly thank Antibiotice for collaborating in implementing this beautiful project and for the unique opportunity through which high-school students have been able to enter the fascinating world of medicine, which involves the realization of a pharmaceutical product starting from the idea and conception, through the technological process and to obtaining the marketing authorization. This project has joined the other beautiful projects that the Faculty of Pharmacy and Antibiotice SA have been performing together in the field of education and training as well as in the field of research”, Lenuţa Profire, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy within the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iași told us.




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