Antibiotice – a brand of the employer of the future!

Antibiotice hosted 50 students from disadvantaged backgrounds, included in the “Choose to be a pharmacist” project.
This program is carried out by the Faculty of Pharmacy within the U.M.F “Grigore T. Popa” Iași, in the coordination of prof. Univ. dr. Lenuța Profire – Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.
From the group that visited us today, in addition to students from grades X and XI, who study at schools in the North-East region of Moldova, were also 3 students from UMF and 2 mentors: Prof. Univ. Dr. Catalina Daniela Stan and Prof. Univ. Dr. Topciu Cristina.

In the presentation “Antibiotics, the company where passion becomes your profession” our guests learned some of the secrets of the profession of pharmacist and what it means to actually work in a company that has been contributing for over six decades to improving people’s health.

“I am a pharmacist in Antibiotics and I love my profession” was the title of the presentation given by: Mădălin Tiron – Research pharmacist, who shared with young people the joy of practicing what they like based on the knowledge gained during their years of study.

The visit of the students enrolled in the program included the laboratories from the Quality Control and production areas from the Ointments and Suppositories section, where our pharmacists explained to the young people, aspirants to this profession, the production stages, from ingredients to the finished product. and the importance of quality control for each of the products in the Antibiotic portfolio.

After the visit, our guests thanked us for the opportunity to visit a company as complex as Antibiotice. Some of these young people even imagined what the first day would look like when they could start working in one of the state-of-the-art production departments or state-of-the-art laboratories they visited during our two days.
We hope that the meetings within this project have made the desire to pursue a career as a pharmacist take shape in the minds of these young people and that, one day, we will be happy to be colleagues!

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