A new edition of the Summer School a+ Antibiotice is training its future specialists

The latest edition of the Summer School a+ organized by Antibiotice has been a notable success. Already well-known in the local academic environment, this year, the event attracted 30 graduates and students in pharmacy, biology, chemistry, chemical engineering and environmental protection specializations. Selected in advance upon the average mark of their study years and recommendations, during the month of July the young people followed a comprehensive training program provided by experienced specialists from the reputed company based in Iaşi. The participants have acquired specific knowledge on quality assurance and control in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, biotechnology and biological processes, pharmaceutical techniques and analytical methods, as well as notions specific to the field of intellectual property.

As in the previous editions, the company’s representatives noted the interest of young people for the inclusion in the program as well as the appetite of those selected to know the particularities of a pharmaceutical company such as Antibiotice, as well as the practices and rigors of the industry. For most graduates, the program was an unprecedented opportunity to access new information that has enriched their theoretical knowledge accumulated in the university environment. „After having participated in the Summer School a+, I have gained a great wealth of new knowledge in the fields of pharmacovigilance, bioequivalence studies, and the stages through which a generic medicine is marketed. The proposed topics were very interesting, especially those about quality control, which I have identified to be most suitable for me”, stated Mădălina Agape, a graduate of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection of the „Gh. Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi.

Amongst the novelty aspects learned by the participants one can note the distinction between a generic and a reference medicine in the context of a similar therapeutic effect and also the understanding of the complexity that governs the activity of a competitive pharmaceutical manufacturer on the international market. As another learner notices, „A company based in Romania can meet the international standards through a lot of work and perseverance.” The future specialists trained by the Antibitioce SA experts highly appreciated both the informational content and the „availability and warmth” shown by the lecturers. The confidence created during the direct interaction was also reflected in the positive feedback provided by a participant who said that „One needs to be confident that the people working in the drug company spend time, put soul and knowledge in ensuring that the patient safety is on the forefront.”

A success for the 9th consecutive year, this educational project aimed at identifying young specialists in these key areas and familiarizing them, even from their studentship years, with the processes and regulations specific to the pharmaceutical industry. The 9 editions carried out so far have registered about 350 participants, of which over 10% have subsequently become members of the Antibiotice SA team. The company will continue the proactive approach of identifying and training future specialists, in the context of the academic and labor market trends pointing out to a significant shrinking in the specific talent pool.

The „Summer School a+” has been organized since 2010 together with prestigious local academic partners such as „Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, „Al. I. Cuza” University and „Gh. Asachi” Technical University of Iași.






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