Accelerated sales revenue and profit growth in Q1 / 2022

Today, May 13, 2022, Antibiotice SA (symbol ATB) submitted to the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the report containing the economic-financial results related to the first quarter of 2022.

In January-March 2022, the company Antibiotice carried out its activity aiming at achieving the indicators planned through the Strategic Organization and Development Plan (PODS) for the period 2021-2030, which aims to increase revenues and maximize long-term business profitability.

Antibiotice obtained in Q1 2022 revenues from sales to distributors of 128.25 million lei, 54% higher compared to the planned value and 94% compared to the similar period of the previous year (66.10 million lei).

On the domestic market, 86.07 million lei were obtained from the capitalization of the products, (by 87% higher compared to the planned value), the difference of 42.18 million lei being obtained on the international markets (by 14% higher in comparison with the planned value).

Also, the gross profit registered in Q1 2022 is 11.4 million lei, increasing compared to the value realized in Q1 2021 (4.35 million lei). For the reporting period, the gross profit cumulated with the clawback tax, respectively 19.25 million lei, determined a business return of 14%.

At the same time, the measures taken to achieve the medium-term objective of reducing bank dependence have led to an improvement in the value of the indebtedness indicator, reaching 24.44% compared to 28.38%, registered in the first quarter of 2021.

These results demonstrate that Antibiotice managed in the first quarter of 2022 to exceed the planned targets for the sale of products, both in Romania and in foreign markets.

Antibiotice recorded an increase in sales in the Romanian pharmaceutical market trend, determined by the relaunch of the consumption of finished products in the post-pandemic period, through strategies such as:

  • sales in a balanced, optimized product structure, which achieves a superior profitability, both on the hospital segment and on retail. The hospital segment, which holds a significant share of the company’s sales, recorded an accelerated pace of sales after the pandemic period, characterized by restrictions on patient access and treatment of patients in need of hospitalization;
  • developing and consolidating brand strategies (Nutriensa – range of food supplements) by promoting family health products, increasing the quality of life, given the growing public interest in an active and healthy life. Thus, the sales of over-the-counter products of the company registered the same growth trend, reaching a share of 26% of total sales.


Consolidate sales in international markets

In foreign markets, in the territories where the company is present, there is a gradual return of consumption compared to the same period last year. In this context, Antibiotice has consolidated its sales mainly for sterile injectable products for which it is recognized as a major global manufacturer. Thus, sales were supported by the continuity of supplies of injectable products in the areas where tenders were won (USA, UK). At the same time, one of the company’s main markets, Vietnam, is optimizing sales in recent years, even though this market has faced many periods of lockdown and various restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

At the same time, the company’s sales of active substances have been strengthened internationally through zonal repositioning strategies, with Antibiotice remaining the world’s leading producer of Nystatin (active substance).

Revitalizing the production of 100% natural biofertilizersGiven the growing emphasis on protecting the biosphere and natural resources, organic farming is becoming of great interest. Adapting to this context, Antibiotice has revitalized the production of the 100% natural biofertilizer Ecofertil P and aims to invest in this product to ensure a large share of national consumption, but also for export to EU Member States.

Product portfolio development through own research and licensing

The marketable portfolio of medicines, authorized in Romania and in the international territories, counts over 200 products and is oriented towards the development of brands in multiannual stages as well as the increase of the share of over-the-counter products.

The two directions on which Antibiotice’s strategy for portfolio development is focused are represented by its own research and licensing of new products. Thus, Antibiotice develops 28 projects by main therapeutic classes, carried out through the company’s research and development activity and over 70 in-licensing projects (licensing acquisitions), having stages in the Business Development department. All these projects will contribute to doubling the turnover in 2030, being operable starting with the period 2022-2025 in the target markets with a significant share in total revenues.

Modern human resource management
Efficient, correct and ethical management of human resources is one of the main concerns of the company’s management, being also one of the priority objectives of the Strategic Organization and Development Plan of Antibiotics. Thus, in the first quarter of 2022 a series of actions were carried out such as:

  • analysis and redefinition of the organizational structures within the company, adapted to the modern principles of human resources, correlated with the need for business
  • the adoption of modern forms of recruitment to increase the degree of remanence
  • balancing the company’s salary systems according to the nature of the jobs and modernizing the motivational systems adapted to the current pharmaceutical market
  • adapting motivational packages in order to attract and retain valuable employees (key positions) and increase retention
  • employee career management and succession plans.

Also, in order to support the development and continuous training of its employees, the Antibiotice company established in the first quarter of 2022, “Academia a +”, a platform focused on education, innovation, support and development of employees’ professional skills. This project aims at the qualitative development of the human resources structure and its adaptation to the new configuration of the platform in the perspective of 2028-2030.

A distinct structure within the “a + Academy” is the “a + Technical College”, a program through which Antibiotice aims to invest in the recruitment and training of vulnerable people in rural areas for the technical activities of the company. In the first quarter of this year, a first recruitment and training session was organized for the first generation of operators on pharmaceutical sites.

Those interested in finding out more information can consult the Report on 31.03.2022 on the website of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (, of the Financial Supervisory Authority ( or on the company’s website Antibiotice SA (, section “Investors> Financial information> Financial reporting”.

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