24% increase in gross profit over the first 9 months of 2014

The results recorded by Antibiotice at the end of the first nine months of 2014 show an increase in profit and a higher growth rate of the sales in pharmacies (7%) against the growth rate of the pharmaceutical market in Romania (5.2%).(Cegedim source)

Higher profit
According to the financial results sent to the Bucharest Stock Exchange at the end of September 2014, the gross profit recorded an upward trend, reaching the value of RON 23.6 million, by 24 % higher than the gross profit in the same period of 2013.

Net profit also had an upward trend in the analyzed period, recording a value of RON 20.3 million, by 14 % higher than the net profit recorded in the period January – September 2013.
In the first 9 months of the current year the sales income reached RON 217.1 million, remaining at the same level with the same period of 2013.
The sales obtained on the pharmacy segment (RON 139.7 million) recorded a 6% growth compared to 2013, while the Hospital segment recorded a 8% growth, from RON 89.2 million in 2013 to RON 96.4 million in 2014. (Cegedim source) Antibiotice has been maintaining its leading position in the segment of generic medicines marketed in hospitals.
On the generics market Antibiotice ranks fifth, with a 6.4 % market share. On the domestic pharmaceutical market, our company ranks eleventh, with an increasing market share from 2.54 % (the first 9 months in 2013) to 2.6 % (the first 9 months in 2014).

Value-generating products
The products from the following classes had the largest share in the domestic sales, in the first nine months: systemic anti-infectives (RON + 9.6 million), digestive tract (RON + 2.8 million), dermatological preparations (RON + 2.6 million), cardiovascular system (RON + 1.9 million), musculoskeletal system (RON + 463 thousand ) and antineoplastics (RON + 360 thousand).
These increases were generated both by the new products launched and by the positive trend recorded by the company’s top products. In terms of top products we can note the following: Cefort® for injection 1g (RON +7.8 million), Meropenem ATB for injection, range (RON + 4.95 million), Eficef® for injection (RON + 2.1 million), Glicerin suppositories, range (RON + 1.2 million) Ampiplus® for injection (RON + 1.1 million) and Nidoflor (RON + 0.98 million) recognized by the specialists for their quality, efficiency and safety.
The new products of the company already launched or about to be launched in 2014 belong to the following therapeutical classes:
• Cardiovascular system: Rosuvastatina Atb® tablets, range;
• Genitourinary: Mastoprofen® ointment (progesteron);
• Oncology: Gemcitabina Atb® for for injection, range;
• Central nervous system: Memantina Atb® tablets, Nobixal® tablets (tianeptina);
• Digestive tract: Silithor® (hepato-protective supplement).
The drugs promoted in 2014 are also in the top of the sales: Equilibra® tablets (Magnesium+Vitamin B6), Almacor® tablets, range (amlodipine), Trimetazidina Atb® tablets, Alprazolam Atb® tablets, range, Ibufen® tablets (ibuprofen), Bisotens® tablets, range (bisoprolol), Nolet® tablets (nebivolol), Spaverin® capsules, range (drotaverin), Roclarin® tablets (clarithromycin).

Foreign market
Exports in the first nine months of 2014 recorded USD 18,358,609 as compared to 2013 (USD 18,037,225), the trend of the export sales being affected by the conflicts in the Arab region (Iraq and Libya) and by the political situation in Russia and Ukraine.
« Expanding its presence in international markets is a strategic objective of the company. The ongoing projects relating to obtaining the marketing authorizations for several products from the Antibiotice portfolio, complex partnerships aiming both at completion the batch files, their selling on various markets and strengthening the position of world leader for the production of nystatin (active ingredient) will determine increases in our export in 2015 » declared Mihai Stoian, Business Development Director.
The company’s strategies in the period 2013-2014 which comprise the development of the scientific & researach activities, of the partnerships on the main international markets as well as the development of the portfolio by assimilating new products will determine the long-term consolidation of our business and a profit increase both on the domestic and external markets.

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