1st June, an event for the employees’ children

On the International Children’s Day Antibiotice opened its gates to 160 children with ages between 5 and 14 who had a change to visit their parents’ workplace, meet their colleagues and see with their own eyes one of company’s manufacturing flows.

For starters, the children were invited in the festivity hall where they were greeted by Ioan Nani, the CEO who answered questions and spoke about the company. „This is the first year when the employees’ children came to see where their parents work, how we manufacture drugs or what happens in a laboratory. I have always believed that this plant will have a future as long as it draws the curiosity and interest of young people”said Ioan Nani.

Then, divided in small groups, the children visited the production facilities and the labs. Equipped with head covers and robes, they could take a look at the manufacture process of capsules, tablets, ointments and injectables. They also had the opportunity to learn about photosynthesis and saw Nystatin under the microscope.

“I liked it, it was nice. I saw where my mum works. The manufacture of pills is what I like most” said Alexia Penciu, 10.
”This visit was more fun than my birthday party. I’de like to work here!” confessed Rebeca Săcărescu, 10 years old. At the end of their visit, the chidren received gifts and colorful balloons.

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