“Antibiotice Science and Soul” Foundation takes care of 25 former employees of Antibiotice

As of April 2, 25 seniors, former employees of the Antibiotic company, benefit from food assistance in the social responsibility project
this period is particularly difficult, especially for the elderly in need.

The Foundation “Antibiotice Science and Soul” thus meets the needs of former employees, current pensioners of Antibiotice, people who have health problems, can not move,
they are alone and helpless. It is a gesture of normalcy addressed to those who have ensured the roots of this company and have contributed over the years to its success. The Respect project
for the forefront, it was initiated considering the establishment of the state of emergency by the authorities of Romania, in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, by which people over
65 years old can only travel at certain time intervals of the day. Being at an age of poor health, some of the employees now retired are in difficulty.

Packages with basic necessities (bread, non-perishable products, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, eggs) are delivered at the home of each of those included in the project, by persons who strictly comply with all the protection and hygiene rules, absolutely necessary in this period. Deliveries will be made every two weeks or on request, whenever there is a special need.

“Our help has reached the homes of people who, in the past years, have worked in the drug industry and saved lives. It is a human gesture, naturally, to be close and supportive to those who are in need and for whom health and safety are the most important these days. There are those who at one point were mentors and roadblowers and it is normal to be grateful for everything they have done years ago, “said Ioan Nani, general director of Antibiotics.

The project of social responsibility Respect for the elderly will be carried out continuously during the period of emergency as well as in the future and will be permanently adapted to the needs of the senior Antibiotics.

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