2009 – Antibiotice’s oriented towards international growth

Antibiotice continued to reach higher economic and financial targets which secured its position as the 4th largest producer of generic drugs in Romania, while the global economic crisis persisted. The company’s market strategy was oriented towards the development of Foreign Affairs (we got the FDA authorization for the delivery of injectable drugs in the United States, the number of products exported and international partnerships went up) in response to the need to streamline business and reduce dependence on the domestic market. As a result, the National Association of Exporters and Importers in Romania (ANEIR) acknowledges Antibiotice as the most dynamic export firm in the pharma industry.

At the same time, our orientation towards knowledge and innovation is part of the company’s wider strategy for action, seen as a vital tool to overcome crises in general. “Antibiotice continues to walk towards its true North, i.e. towards knowledge and innovation.(…) In these difficult, troubled times only those organizations that will continue to invest in research, innovation, continuous training of employees and new product development will successfully overcome the crisis. “(Annual Report 2009, excerpt from the CEO’s Message)

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