“Summer School a+”, an incubator for the Antibiotice future specialists

The tenth edition of Summer School a+ organized by Antibiotice under the slogan This summer, science soothes your soul has awarded its participants on Wednesday, July 17th. Already well-known in the local academic environment, this year, the Antibiotice’s educational program has attracted 31 graduates and students in biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, medicine, pharmacy and environmental protection specializations. Selected in advance upon the average mark of their study years and recommendations, during the month of July, the young people followed a comprehensive training program provided by experienced specialists from the company based in the city of Iaşi.

The participants were able to find out what the challenges of working in a quality analysis laboratory are, as well as about the theoretical aspects of clinical trials, drug safety monitoring, biotechnology and pharmaceutical techniques. Thus, they understood what it meant to work in a top pharmaceutical company where passion becomes the “secret ingredient” of the profession.

As in the previous editions, the representatives of Antibiotice noted the interest of the young people for the inclusion in the program as well as the appetite of those selected to discover the peculiarities of a pharmaceutical company such as Antibiotice, as well as the practices and rigors of the industry. For most graduates, the program was an unprecedented opportunity to access new information that has enriched their theoretical knowledge accumulated in the university environment. “I was very curious to know how the business is operated in a pharmaceutical company, to know the processes that take place throughout the manufacturing process, from the molecule stage to the finished product, on the shelf of a pharmacy. I very much liked what I learned here, which is why it was a pleasure for me to attend every day. I am glad to have had this opportunity, which now allows me to knowingly choose the path I will follow in my career”, Elena Popa Alexandru, a fifth-year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Iaşi confessed to us.

A success for the 10th consecutive year, this educational project aimed at identifying young specialists in these key areas and familiarizing them, even from their studentship years, with the processes and regulations specific to the pharmaceutical industry. The 10 editions carried out so far have registered about 400 participants, out of which over 10% (46) have subsequently become members of the Antibiotice team.

The “Summer school a+” has been organized since 2010 together with prestigious local academic partners such as “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, “Al. I. Cuza” University and “Gh. Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi.

The proactive approach of identifying and training future specialists, in the context of shrinking trends in the talent pool, has led the company based in the city of Iaşi to implement a second professional training program, “Perform a+”. Designed exclusively for students specialized in pharmacy, the project managed to inspire over 50 participants, in four successive editions, the passion for research and drug development, for 12 of them to be later attracted to the available positions of pharmacist in the company.

Through such projects, young students and graduates with performance results in education of local universities have the opportunity to discover new skills and identify new horizons of professional development in a top pharmaceutical company with over 63 years of existence.

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