Serbian Health professionals visiting Antibiotice Iasi

At the invitation of the Antibiotic company, on Friday, November 29, 2019, a delegation from Serbia made up of health professionals: teachers, doctors, pharmacists, hospital directors as well as representatives of the most important distributors in Serbia, visited the company. The 14 members of the delegation had a meeting with the management of the company and visited two production units being directly interested in the product portfolio, the knowledge of the manufacturing processes of medicines that they recommend daily to patients in Serbia, of investment and development prospects. of the product portfolio.

“We have proposed that through this visit to Antibiotice we promote the company’s products and implicitly the image Antibiotice, a Romanian pharmaceutical company, among the prescribers, distributors and authorities in Serbia. Since 2016 we represent exclusively the commercial interests of Antibiotics in Serbia and we wish, by increasing the degree of knowledge and promotion, to develop together in this market. This is the second visit of a delegation of representatives of the Serbian medical system to Antibiotics, the first one was held in 2017. We propose that every year we bring a team of 15-20 professionals to Antibiotics to really get to know what does this drug factory mean and thus increase confidence in its products, “said Adam Frenc, owner of ATB Pharma (Serbia).

Also included in the delegation was Prof. Dr. Dejan Sakac, cardiologist at the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Novi Sad-Vojvodina (Serbia) who said: “I know Antibiotic products and the fact that I have this opportunity to see how they are made is interesting. for me. I am a person who likes to be informed, but direct contacts are very important and this is the way we can make the future better. I was impressed by the rigor and the way the procedures are followed in the manufacturing process. Everything is safe and gives you a sense of confidence. ”

“The fact that Antibiotice has invested a lot in the last few years in order to obtain international quality standards has brought us recognition in foreign markets. Serbia is a market of interest to us because it shows similarities in consumption and therapeutic behaviors with the Romanian market. Currently, Antibiotice has 15 products registered on the Serbian market – sterile injectable powders, cardiovascular drugs and dietary supplements. Our plans for the future include expanding our product portfolio with emphasis on anti-infectious therapies treated in hospitals, dermatological preparations and a range of medicines for Women’s Health. In this regard, together with our partner in Serbia, we evaluated the potential of these products and jointly established a chart of registrations of 12 new products for the period 2020-2021. Today’s visit is, once again, the expression of the international recognition of the quality of Antibiotic products and we have the satisfaction of the mission accomplished, through a joint effort, by team gathered under the motto “Science and Soul”, said Delia Racoveanu, Regional Senior Sales Manager for Europe and America.

Currently, Antibiotice has open commercial offices in Vietnam, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and Serbia (Office), which are successful models of implementing a growth strategy in the respective territories. Through these representations, Antibiotice is closer to the consumer and to the local health system, knows and understands the consumption and therapeutic habits, adapting to their needs.

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