Eveniment aniversar – 60 de ani de continuitate si performanta romaneasca

In December 2015 Antibiotice celebrated 60 years of activity on the pharmaceutical market.

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60 years have passed since Antibiotice manufactured penicillin, for the first time in Romania. The company had the chance to be among the first world producers of this breakthrough antibiotic and had a significant impact on the efficiency of Romanian healthcare.

The anniversary was marked by a series of events, such as the conference entitled “60 years of continuity and performance in the Romanian pharmaceutical industry”. The event gathered important guests from the medical environment, representatives of regulatory agencies and professional associations in the field, representatives of financial and banking institutions, academia and business partners.

The guests underlined the importance of Antibiotice for the Romanian healthcare system and the business environment, considering the company a leading representative of the Romanian pharmaceutical industry.

Invited speakers:

  • Professor dr. Loreta Diana Paun – counselor within the Public Health Department of the Presidential Administration
  • Senior lecturer Ioan Hurjui – counselor of accounts, Head of the labor and social protection, health and social insurance Department of Romania’s Court of Accounts
  • Dr. Nicolae Fotin – Chairman of the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices
  • Senior lecturer Lucian Anghel – President of the Bucharest Stock Market
  • Senior pharmacist Magdalena Badulescu – President of the National Agency for Medicines within 2002-2009
  • Pharmacist Simona Raicu, PhD – Head of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Department of the National Agency for Medicines in 1999-2010
  • Professor dr. Daniela Bartos – Minister of Health during 2000-2003
  • Professor dr. Dumitru Lupuleasa – President of the Romanian College of Pharmacists in Romania
  • Professor dr. Adrian Streinu Cercel, Manager of ”Matei Bals” Infectious Diseases Institute Bucharest
  • Prof. dr. Alexandru Rafila – President of the Microbiology Society, former member of the Management Board.

Message of the CEO, Ioan Nani
“Over time we continued to grow in terms of organization and evolve as professionals, so that today we measure our age in multiple ways: in health brought to millions of people, international quality standards that we assimilated and complied with, in the performance of becoming an authentic Romanian brand recognized in our country and abroad.”

***60th anniversary messages ***

Loreta Diana Paun – counselor within the Public Health Department of the Presidential Administration

I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of this exceptional anniversary event. Consistently pursuing its objectives, Antibiotice Iasi has reached the 60th year in the existence of a well-recognized brand that brings health for millions of patients.

In 2014 thanks to the National Strategy for competitiveness 2014-2020, the pharmaceutical sector was included among the 10 strategic areas for the Romanian economy. The presidential administration supports manufacturers of generics, a strategic industrial branch.

Allow me to congratulate you and wish you every success, with the certainty that the fruits of your efforts will be reflected in the lives of patients.
Happy anniversary!

Patriciu Andrei Achimas – Cadariu, Minister of Health

In December 2015 Antibiotice celebrates 60 years of activity and, as you said it yourself, these are years of Romanian continuity and performance.

Antibiotice is a leading Romanian producer which brings an important contribution in sustaining the healthcare system, its generic drugs being appreciated both on the domestic market and on the international market.

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss with you about the company’s future and the opportunity to develop a partnership between Antibiotice and the Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy with R & D sites, located in the main academic institutions across the country.

On the occasion of the 60 years celebration, I’d like to wish both you and your colleagues to be successful on the local pharmaceutical market and in your efforts to develop on the international market.

Tudor Ciurezu, President of SIF Oltenia

I’d like to congratulate the entire executive management team and all employees for the work done and all you have accomplished so far.

It was not easy to stay on the market for 60 years. It isn’t, nor will it be easier to stay among the leading drug manufacturers. The 4th position occupied by the company among generic drug manufacturers is praiseworthy. I sincerely wish you to reach first place!

Sorin Dimitriu, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bucharest

I am honored to join all those who congratulate you today, on the occasion of celebrating 60 years of activity. It is a real pleasure to praise you on the excellent results of the company you run obtained thanks to the modern, proactive style of management, to a solid organizational culture, the ambition to face the challenges of the market and determination to find solutions when others “disarm”.

Swimming in the murky waters of the future can be done successfully by those who have solutions to steer their business beyond the hazards generated by the macroeconomic environment. I am persuaded that Antibiotice will be a winner! What you have achieved these years gives me the certainty of success!

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

We have the great pleasure to congratulate you on your anniversary, for the six decades of pursuing the noble mission of restoring health to so many people and being a landmark not only for the this community, but also for national pharmaceutical industry.

Over the years, Antibiotice added in its pharmaceutical prescriptions a grain of the faith, hospitality and the intelligence of the people living in this place blessed with many churches and monasteries.
Happy anniversary!

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