CPHI Worldwide 2019 – New business opportunities for Antibiotice

Between November 5 and 7, in Frankfurt, Antibiotice is present at the CPhI Worldwide 2019 (Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients), the most important global event of the pharmaceutical industry that brings together over 2500 exhibitors from all over the world, this year expecting over 45,000 by visitors. This major event represents a great opportunity to consolidate the business, to find out the news and trends of the pharmaceutical industry, but also to meet the most important players in this industry.

The Antibiotice team has planned firm meetings with over 170 business partners, together with the actions that will be discussed to capitalize on the research and production infrastructure capabilities of the company platform, in order to develop and secure the medium and long term business.

“In the 2020s there are no borders, and companies are present all over the world with their products. To support our development plan for the next 10 years, we must always be in touch with business partners, which is why we need to be present in such environments where we consolidate long-term business with our traditional employees and make ourselves known potential partners. We are concerned to develop our businesses mutually, to meet the needs of our partners, but also to validate their support in developing our future plans ”, said Ioan Nani, CEO Antibiotice.

This year’s participation, the seventeenth consecutive to this international fair, together with the elite of the global pharmaceutical market, aims to strengthen the position of Antibiotics in the strategic territories, to identify new markets for both the active substance Nystatin, for which the company is a world leader and for those 70 finished products registered on foreign markets, reconfirmation of commercial relations with suppliers of raw materials and identification of new sources of supply.

Antibiotice aims to become an internationally established manufacturer for topical products (dermatological) and at the same time is constantly concerned about remaining leader for sterile products (sterile injectable solutions and powders) and the active substance Nystatin. In this regard, the business concepts promoted within the CPHI Worldwide 2019 fair target the portfolio of Hospital & Partners, the portfolio of dermatological, cardiological products, products for Quality of Life and Women’s Health as well as Nistatina.

Currently, Antibiotice is oriented towards identifying and originalizing those international territories comparable to the Romanian market, which use the same mechanisms, have the same types of products, the same programs for hospital and retail, to find a common expression in these territories. Following this principle and constantly concerned about facilitating the access of as many patients as possible to the products in its portfolio, Antibiotice develops a network of operational sales offices, ATB territories, in the Republic of Moldova, Vietnam, Ukraine and Serbia (Office), generating a long-term sustainable growth of the company’s business.

Antibiotics in foreign markets:

World leader in the production of Nistatin, USP International Reference Standard. The main export market is the USA;
$ 35 million estimated to be export sales by the end of 2019;
34% of the value of the turnover was realized in 2018 on international markets;
Business partners in over 70 countries on all continents;
Operational sales offices in Vietnam, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and Serbia (Office)
Internationally recognized certifications and authorizations:

– authorization from the US drug regulatory body (FDA) for the active substance Nistatin and injectable products;

– Certificate of Compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia (CoS) for Nystatin;

– Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate for all manufacturing flows.

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