Antibiotice’s employers donated blood

50 donors, 25 liter donated blood, more than 130 saved lives!
These are the figures of the fifteenth blood donation campaign at Antibiotice.

For the eighth consecutive year, 50 Antibiotic employees donated blood on Thursday, October 11, 2018 under the auspices of “Donate blood! Put your soul to life! “.
Antibiotice employees responded positively to the blood donation campaign, organized by the Antibiotice – Science and Soul Foundation, in partnership with the Regional Center for Sanguinous Transfusion (CRTS) Iasi.

Both Antibiotice SA and Antibiotice – Science and Soul Foundation believe that giving an extra chance to the lives of people in distress by voluntary blood donation is a natural and natural gesture.

“Every year we have two such campaigns since 2011, the second in 2018. At present, the need for blood from the hospitals in the country and in the Moldovan region is acute, with the physicians facing a blood crisis.
Antibiotic employees are a constant donor base, including rare groups. We all know that donating blood means giving life, and there is nothing more human for those in need, “said Ioana Tode, President of the Antibiotice – Science and Soul Foundation.

The harvesting took place at the Clinical Unit of the Center for the Evaluation of Antibiotic Medicines, being carried out by the specialists from CRTS who moved to the Antibiotice headquarters with the mobile harvesting unit.

“We acknowledge and thank our partners from Antibiotice for the fact that this time we have also been able to run a successful blood collection with valuable donors. Surely today we have rescued the lives of many of us. We remain Antibiotice’s loyal subscribers to blood donation, “said Dr. Andreea Vatamanu, spokesperson for CRTS.

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