Antibiotice joined the European campaign promoting a correct use of antibiotics

On November 19th Antibiotice joined the campaign raising awareness on the proper use of antibiotics, initiated by the Medical Students’ Association in Iasi in order to celebrate the European Antibiotics Awareness Day (ZEIA), whose 2015 motto is Antibiotics – use them carefully!

In Europe ZEIA is held annually, in November, to promote the correct use of antibiotics internationally and to reduce the bacterial resistance that makes them ineffective.

Within the event, the people from Iasi passing by the marquee set up on Stefan cel Mare boulevard in front of the City Hall received informative leaflets on the proper use of antibiotics and were offered hot tea, to remind them that treating a simple cold or flu without complications doesn’t require any antibiotics.

Antibiotice supported the students’ informative campaign prompted by the responsibility to preserve the therapeutic efficacy of this precious resource. Our specialists contributed in drawing awareness on the correct administration of antibiotics, explaining what bacterial resistance means and the simplest rules to prevent this phenomenon. “A rational use of antibiotics saves millions of lives. It is important that antibiotics are used only in the treatment of bacterial infections, as advised by the physician, and the full duration of treatment is respected. It is the responsibility of each of us to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics, so that future generations can benefit from appropriate treatment of infectious diseases as well as the numerous modern techniques that require prophylactic antibiotics,” said physician Mihaela Mosnegutu, Medical Director with Antibiotice.

The latest surveys show that throughout the EU there is an increasing number of patients infected by resistant bacteria and resistance to antibiotics is a major threat to public health, which can be reduced through the rational use of antibiotics.

What are antibiotics?
Antibiotics, also called anti-infectives or antibacterials, are medicines used in the treatment of infections caused by bacteria, preserving the integrity of the human body.

How do we use antibiotics properly?
• Antibiotic treatment is recommended only after a medical examination (to avoid self-medication). An inappropriate use of antibiotics does not benefit patients and results only in bacteria who prove more resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, when the same patient or somebody else needs antibiotics in the future, they might not work!
• Antibiotics are effective only for bacterial infections and have no effect in viral infections (the common cold or flu without complications)
• Once they start a treatment with antibiotics, patients should observe the following: prescribed dosage, therapeutic scheme, duration of treatment and method of administration (with or without food, with sufficient water, etc.).
• Any antibiotics found “at home”, left from other treatments must not be consumed;
• Revisiting your doctor for the medical examination agreed on is recommended.

Let us not forget: Preserving the efficacy of antibiotics is the responsbility of each of us!

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