Antibiotice Iași inaugurates the most modern topical medicine factory in Europe

On the occasion of the anniversary of 67 years of activity, Antibiotice Iași inaugurates today, December 9, the most modern factory of solid and semi-solid topical pharmaceutical products in Europe, intended both for in-hospital medication and for public consumption. The company thus consolidates its position as a national leader in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products with topical application, according to Cegedim market studies. The event brings together, at the company headquarters in Iasi, professionals from the medical world, local and national authorities as well as academic personalities.

The new factory was built with an investment of 20 million euros from own sources and has a production capacity of 540 tons annually, 50% higher compared to the existing one. In the new factory, 56 topical products (preparations for local application) will be manufactured, for 19 of which the company Antibiotice is the sole producer.

Production will be carried out on 4 manufacturing flows, one of which is highlighted by the possibility of manufacturing sterile topical products with additional investments that will be made in the future. All 4 streams are certified, by the National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, to produce at the highest standards, medicines intended both for the Romanian market and for export to regulated international markets.

“The new factory of topical products is proof of our commitment to develop and invest in the Romanian production of medicines at the highest quality standards, offering safety and confidence to the Romanian health system. At the same time, this investment offers us greater openness to international markets characterized by a high degree of competitiveness and innovation. We aim to capitalize on these products both on the Romanian market and on international markets such as the USA and the countries of the European Community, but we are also targeting Vietnam and SE Asia which represent a great opportunity for topical products. We are also pursuing the assimilation of new sterile topical and dermato-cosmetic products into the portfolio. We thus aim to double the turnover for the topical form by 2030 in order to maintain the growth trend of the company’s total turnover, which we also aim to double by 2030, “said Ioan NANI , general manager of Antibiotice Iași.

Through state-of-the-art technological facilities, Antibiotice will strengthen its portfolio of topical products (ointments, creams, gels, ovules and suppositories) intended to treat the most common dermatological, venous, rheumatological and inflammatory conditions, ophthalmological and gynecological conditions, with topical generic drugs new generation.

At the same time, by combining modern technologies with research activity, Antibiotice aims to develop a portfolio adapted to the requirements of the population and the health system, with products without medical prescription. These medicines are intended both for Family Health, for different age segments, and for Women’s Health and have the role of increasing and sustaining the quality of life.

In this sense, considering the increasing incidence of skin conditions and the increased interest in products with addressability to the main skin pathologies, the company aims to research and launch in the coming years a brand of dermato-cosmetic products based on on sustainable ingredients that support skin health and meet the needs of today’s market.

The personnel structure of the new factory, with 100 employees, 25% of whom have higher education, is adapted to respond to the high degree of automation and the complexity of the equipment being worked on. Some of the employees of the new production capacity were hired following a process of recruitment and development of technical skills and competences, within the company’s own recruitment and training program, the a+ Technical College.

The factory’s state-of-the-art, fully automated technology and facilities enable increased production yields, maintaining quality assurance standards through continuous traceability and ensuring accurate process reproducibility. The factory has multiple modes of operation in order to optimize energy consumption according to the needs of technological activities.

Tradition and continuity in the manufacture of topical products at Antibiotice:

67 years of knowledge and experience in the manufacture of topical products;
Quantitative leader in Romania for the manufacture of topical products;
Cutaden® and Saliform®, products with new formulas, adapted to current therapeutics, are two of the longest-lasting topical preparations in the company’s portfolio;
Fluocinolone, Nidoflor, Tetracycline, Kanamycin, Zifex® and Fluxiv® manufactured by Antibiotice are top products and market leaders in their segments;
The Clafen® brand has been produced for over 25 years and has

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