Antibiotice Iași implements all possible measures for the safety of employees and the continuity of drug deliveries

In the context of the extension of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID19) since mid-February, the management of Antibiotice Iași has activated its crisis cell, which has prepared, based on three scenarios, gradual plans of measures regarding the safety of its employees, but also of reducing the number of employees. risks of discontinuation of drug delivery operations to distributors and hospitals in Romania.

In developing the three scenarios, the evolution and impact of the pandemic were taken into account, respecting all recommendations and decisions taken by the local and national authorities.

Starting March 23, in order to increase the measures to limit the exposure and prevent the contamination with COVID19 of its employees, the Antibiotice company applies scenario 2 which implies the complete interruption of the indirectly productive activities and the limitation to the maximum possible level of the production and service ones. , keeping only the activities strictly necessary to honor the orders received from the health system in Romania and for international drug deliveries.

Consequently, Antibiotice company added to the measures already implemented specific to the first scenario, additional ones, more restrictive, so that at present, the plan includes:

  • organizing work from home for about 60% of indirectly productive staff,
    daily medical checks at the entrance of the unit carried out by the own medical staff for the employees from production, service, utilities, security, etc.
  • the use of protective masks and gloves by all employees both on their own buses and in the closed workspaces on the platform, the installation of disinfectant dispensers and rubber mats with disinfectants at each workplace and at all the main entrances, and the security staff supervises and ensures their compulsory use,
  • daily disinfection of common spaces (halls, changing rooms, toilets) and of contact points (doors, doors, taps, railings, etc.),
  • disinfection of buses used to transport daily employees and contact surfaces after each race)
  • minimize contact between employees who come to work and encourage the use of the virtual working environment (telephone, email, video conferences) so that the recommended social distance (2 meters) is maintained,
  • cancellation of trips in the interest of service both at home and abroad,
  • limiting the maximum access to the company for people who do not have the status of employee, access being allowed after checking the health status of the own medical person and after completing a declaration on their own responsibility regarding contacting people or visiting territories affected by coronavirus,
  • rigorously monitoring the freight transports from the country and from abroad, being allowed access only after disinfection of the vehicle and after checking the drivers according to the established procedures, constantly informing employees (mail, social media, posting at work / buses), regarding the improvement of hygiene, behavior and prevention measures to be implemented, as well as of the measures taken and obtaining permanent feed-back from them,
  • reducing to a minimum the necessary circulation on the platform,
  • cancellation of internal and external events, permanent maintenance and adaptation according to the situation of the business links with the business partners, suppliers and customers of the company.

Scenario 3 will be applied when the measures taken at national and local level will be directly reflected in the activity of the company, and at that time, all the company’s operations will be suspended, safely, maintaining only those activities necessary to ensure security and platform security, as well as drug delivery.

The management of Antibiotice will continue to adopt other measures for the protection and safety of its employees as well as for the continuity of drug deliveries, according to the indications transmitted by the authorities and the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

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