Antibiotice’s financial results in the first 9 months, 2021 – part of the Strategic Organization and Development Plan

Antibiotice has adapted its business strategy to the new market conditions, the development desideratum being established in the Strategic Organization and Development Plan (PODS) for the period 2020-2028: doubling the turnover, increasing the share of exports to 50% of the turnover , maintaining the position of world leader for Nystatin, adapting and motivating human resources to achieve goals, streamlining activities by digitizing and computerizing the company.

This strategic plan is built on 5 pillars: Strategic adaptation of human resources, Strategic adaptation of the product portfolio, Strategic planning and performance management, Continuous improvement of the integrated management system (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work), Corporate Governance.
The year 2021 represents the first stage in achieving the objectives included in the PODS.

Strategic adaptation of human resources
The company’s concern for motivating and increasing job satisfaction has materialized in strategies for modernizing the organizational culture and implementing a modern human resources management. In this context, Antibiotice conducted a new organizational climate study, which highlighted an increase in employee satisfaction.

Also, the human resources activity is closely related to the objectives of the Strategic Organization and Development Plan. The main directions are:

  • Completing staffing schemes, training the skills needed to achieve objectives and increasing involvement
  • Continuous employee training program
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Improving the organizational climate and orienting the organizational culture towards innovation and performance.

Strategic adaptation of the product portfolio

The two directions on which the company’s strategy for portfolio development is focused are its own research and licensing for new products.
Thus, in order to adapt the product portfolio to the current therapeutics, the company re-evaluated its drug portfolios, structuring them on three production divisions corresponding to its manufacturing sites. Adapting to the anticipated therapeutic trends for the years 2025-2030 will provide the company with both the financial resources needed for investment plans and the increase of market presence with valuable drugs for an increasing number of patients in the Antibiotic territories.

New products in research

Following these development directions of the portfolio, the research activity is focused on a number of 27 new products developed in its own research center. This product will receive marketing authorization in the coming years. Also, for the expansion of the medicines portfolio, together with its own research-development activity, Antibiotice envisages the conclusion of in-licensing, co-development, contract manufacturing and co-marketing partnerships on markets in the European Union, but also on other markets with high growth potential in the future. In the first 9 months of 2021, the partners with whom the company will enter into partnerships were identified, evaluated and selected.

Strategic planning and performance management
21% increase in turnover

Regarding the results of the strategy of capitalization of the portfolio in the market, after the first 9 months of 2021, the net turnover of the company Antibiotice registered the value of 247.83 million lei, higher by 21% compared to the value achieved on of 30.09.2020.

The value of the gross profit is of 18.68 million lei, being at the same level with the one from the similar period of last year, but also with the one planned in the Revenue and Expenditure Budget.

22.8% increase in sales of Antibiotice drugs to patients in Romania

In the first 9 months of 2021, the value of medicines released to patients in Romania was 15.3 billion lei (in distribution price), increasing by 18% compared to the similar period of 2020. In this context, the company Antibiotice a followed the market growth trend during the reporting period, registering a value of sales to patients of 277.7 million lei, increasing by 22.8% compared to the first 9 months of 2020 (226.1 million lei).

Doubling sales in the US market
Of the company’s turnover, over 40% is represented by sales on foreign markets. Thus, Antibiotice has registered performance in the recovery of finished products (injectable anti-infective drugs), in many markets in Europe and the USA. Sales in the US market have doubled, reaching USD 3.1 million in the first 9 months of 2021, compared to USD 1.4 million in the same period of 2020.

3 times increase in sales in European markets

At the same time, the tenders won during the reporting period created the preconditions for increasing exports to the Great Britain, Lithuania and Serbia, from USD 1.2 million in January-September 2020 to USD 3.62 million in the same period in 2021.

In this context, export sales of finished products reached the planned level both in terms of value and profit margin.

Antibiotice maintains its position as a world leader in the production of Nystatin
For the production of the active substance Nystatin, Antibiotice maintains its status as a world leader, given that the pandemic with the SARS-Cov-2 virus has led to slight decreases in the consumption of drugs that incorporate this active substance. At the same time, against the background of this pandemic, the market registers slight movements that impact the entire production of active substances worldwide in therapeutic areas such as: cardiovascular, dermatological, nervous system disorders.

Continuation of strategic investments
From the multi-annual investment plan related to PODS (2020 – 2028) in the first 9 months of 2021, Antibiotice invested over 30 million lei in the development of production flows, research and development of new products, acquisitions of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, as well as and in the digitization and computerization of the industrial platform. One of the most important investments involved the continuation of work on the new topical products section, which will become operational in 2022 and which will ensure the development of the topical products portfolio and, implicitly, the increase of the turnover.

Continuous improvement of the integrated management system (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work)
Maintaining the health, safety and performance of employees

In order to support the health, safety and performance of employees during this period, the company ensured the immunization of over 70% of employees in its own vaccination center and also continued to implement active safety measures to limit the spread of SARS-Cov-2 virus and implicitly for continuity of activity on the platform.

To the same end, Antibiotice has established since May “Club a +” – a social responsibility project whose goal is to cultivate values ​​that strengthen and develop the organizational culture of Antibiotice by maintaining the well-being of employees through sports, healthy nutrition and personal and professional development projects.

Responsibility for the environment
The conservation of natural resources, the efficiency of consumption in production processes and the reduction of our contribution to climate change, through the greenhouse gas emissions we generate, are the company’s priorities when it comes to the impact on the natural environment.

During the reporting period, Antibiotice renewed its integrated environmental permit issued by the Iași Environmental Protection Agency.

Antibiotice at 9 months, 2021:

21% increase in turnover
Ranked 4th in the segment of prescription and OTC generic drugs (with a market share of 4.1%)
Doubling sales of finished products in the US market and tripling sales in European markets
It is a quantitative leader in pharmaceutical forms: sterile injectable powders (62.8%), suppositories and eggs (32.5%), ointments (20.1%)
It is a value leader on pharmaceutical forms: suppositories and eggs (21.8%), sterile injectable powders (17.6%), ointments (12.2%)
It is a leader in the segment of generic prescription and OTC drugs sold in hospitals, with a market share of 15.0%
17th place in the top of the over 300 pharmaceutical companies operating in Romania.
People interested in finding out more information can consult the Directors’ Report at 9 months, 2021 on the website of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (s), of the Financial Supervision Authority ( or on the website of Antibiotice SA (, section “Investors> Financial information> Financial reporting”.


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