In the context of the health crisis caused by the Covid pandemic19 and as a result of the high demands and urgent needs of the market, the company Antibiotice produces, from July 1, 2020, a first series of biocides for surface disinfection:
a + Oxy and a + Complex.

These biocides contain one or more active substances intended for the destruction of bacteria (bactericides), fungi (fungicides) and viruses (virucides) in the medical, agri-food, industrial, domestic and community fields.

SANYGEL is a HAND DISINFECTANT gel (product TP1) containing 80% (m / m) denatured ethanol, CAS No. 64-17 -5, EC No. 200-578-6
This is a bactericidal, levuricidal and virucidal product used undiluted, contact time 1 minute, in conditions of cleanliness and dirt.



  • rapid application and action
  • broad spectrum efficiency
  • colorless gel without added fragrance
  • reduced drying timeFields of use: agri-food, household and communities for the hygienic disinfection of hands by rubbing.
    User categories: professionals and population.
    SANYGEL is a disinfectant gel approved by the Ministry of Health – National Commission for Biocidal Products, approval no. 5648BIO / 01 / 12.24.

a + OXY SURFACE Disinfectant Solution is a product containing 72.96% denatured ethanol specially designed for rapid surface disinfection.
Its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action ensures deep disinfection of surfaces.
This product does not contain chlorine and is sold in the form of a 1 liter PVC can with a sprayer or a 5 liter PVC can.

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