2013 – 2014 Antibiotice becomes the world’s leading manufacturer of Nystatin

In line with the development objectives already planned out, Antibiotice invests in two quality control laborato ries, in laboratory techniques and a new warehouse for raw materials and production.

Antibiotice expands its traditional portfolio of anti-infectives assimilating the first carbapenems, it is diversifying its portfolio of dermatologicals and CNS addressed drugs, as well as its range of prophylactic products and those enhancing the quality of life (food supplements and OTC).

As a result of the FDA reapproval for Nystatin and sterile powders for injections (2013) and our strive for an increased competitiveness, Antibiotice goes up from second to first position in the world production of Nystatin API and we record the first export of Nafcillin to the US market. At the same time, Antibiotice expands its presence in foreign markets, opening a branch in the Republic of Moldova and an area office in Serbia.

“Expanding exports in foreign markets and developing new partnerships are both strategic moves, as shown by the positive evolution of turnover in the last five years, which has increased from USD 13 million in 2009 to USD 25.6 million in 2014, which is 97%. (….) After Moldova and Serbia, we are considering opening area offices on several emerging markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia, markets where the medicinal products produced by Antibiotice have a significant potential for growth. “(Annual Report 2014, excerpt from the CEO’s Message)


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