2010 – 2011: Following the crisis, Antibiotice will reemerge stronger and ready to meet the challenges of the new reality

Antibiotice obtains the FDA approval for the manufacture of penicillins formulated as powders for injection and delivers the first finished products to the US market, where it used to export Nystatin API only.
Driven by our orientation towards knowledge, the company sets off the project “Summer School a+”, intended for the professional development and training of current staff as well as attracting future professionals in the fields of research, quality control and production.

The company continues to invest in manufacturing technology (enhancing the capacity for producing oral solid forms) and equally in research, by completing the investment in a high-tech Research and Development Center which allows increasing the pace of innovation with respect to the products portfolio.  At the same time, the company puts on the market the first drugs intended for CNS disorders.

“Antibiotice reached the stage where it has the know-how, research capacity, a platform for development and innovation that enable it to connect, at a higher level, with key partners across the globe. (….) In the new post-crisis global context, Antibiotice must reemerge stronger and ready to meet the challenges of the new realities. ” (Annual Report 2010, excerpt from the CEO’s Message).

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